Media Gallery

We invite you to learn more about the ACCF as current and former volunteers share their thoughts about various topics relating to the ACCF.
1. Jim Howenstine (past ACCF president) shares: Welcome to the ACCF
2. Various ACCF scholars share: Our gratitude for our ACCF awards
3. Dr. Roger Thompson (past ACCF president) shares: 100+ Funds & Why give to the ACCF?
 4. James Briggs, Jr. (past ACCF board member & past finance chr) shares: ACCF History & Celebrations
5. Wayne Porter (past ACCF president) shares: ACCF Credibility & Ways To Give
6. Timothy Baker (past ACCF past board member & finance chr) shares: ACCF Finance & Investment Guidelines
7. Bette Miller (past ACCF Board member) shares: Opportunites to Give & Angel Funds
8. Coni Mayer (ACCF executive director) shares: Closing and For Good, For Ever, For Adams County
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