About Us

Adams County Community Foundation, Inc.
Established in 1991      

James Briggs, Jr. past ACCF Board member and past ACCF Finance
Committee past chr shares:  "ACCF History and Celebrations"

Our Mission:  ‘Building partnerships between donors and community to enrich and enhance the quality of life in Adams County.’ 

James Howenstine, past ACCF Board president shares:  "Welcome to the ACCF" 

Tax Status:  The Adams County Community Foundation is classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; as "publicly supported" under Section 170b(1)(A)(vi); and as "not a private foundation" under Section 509(a)(1).
Wayne Porter, past ACCF Board member and past president shares:  "Tax information, ACCF Credibility, and Ways to Give"

Assets (as of February 2018):        $21.7 M
Timothy Baker, esq., ACCF Board member and ACCF Finance Committee chr. shares:
"ACCF Finance and Investment Guidelines"

Contributions Received (in 2015):    1,500+ gifts  /  $1M

Bette Miller, past ACCF Board officer, shares: "Opportunities to give & ACCF Angel Funds"

Scholarships / Grants (2018):       over $100,000 awarded for over 400 scholarship awards (please see 'Scholarship' tab for more information)
Various Recipients, ACCF Scholars shares: "Thank you!"

Governance:        14-member all-volunteer Board of Directors
2018 Leadership:         

(in 2018): 13+4 New BoD members: Adam Miller , president, Andrew Briggs, v.p., Cathy Stucky, treasurer, Becky Durbin, secretary, Audra Snyder, assistant secretary., Becky Cochran, Kathy Drake, Greg Fleming, Ray D. Gill, Mark Jahn, Kenny Ketzler, Fred Macke, Chris Pierce, Louise Ray, Sue Zurcher

 In memory: Alice Rhoades

Roger Thompson, DDS, Former ACCF Board president, shares:  "ACCF 100+ Funds & Why to Give to the ACCF"

Staff:     One full-time:  Coni Mayer, executive director, (since 1999)
              Three part-time:  Deb Cook (since 2004), Erin Galloway and Nancee Linn (since 2017)

Coni Mayer, M.ed., ACCF executive director, shares:  "ACCF For Good, For Ever, For Adams County"

 Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF)

 works for our community:  For the

Donor to:

  • Support the individual’s charitable interests
  • Receive the highest-available tax deduction
  • Keep informed of the community’s changing needs
  • Help donors make the best, informed decisions for their gift giving

Estate planner to provide:

  • Informed advice to their clients
  • Credible options for their clients
  • Integrity and assure for their clients’ gift giving

Legacy Funds:

  • The ACCF works with donors during their lifetime to design a legacy plan that ensures their estate plans align with their charitable goals.
  • The ACCF works with diligence to steward the philanthropic legacies of donors who have specific intentions for their funds.

Community to:

  • Convene nonprofit directors and staff to network and increase effectiveness
  • Encourage collaborations to maximize the assistance for residents
  • Strengthen the capacity of local nonprofit organizations to achieve their missions through granting and leadership training.
  • Convening key leaders to address community issues
  • Assemble the local nonprofit staff to sharing the wealth of expertise and problem solving approaches for our community needs

Grant and Scholarship Recipients:  The ACCF

  • Grant distributions are awarded four times a year (Jan., April, July, October)
  • Scholarship distributions are awarded four times a year (February, June, October, November)
  • Provides regular community announcements of distributions and due dates
  • Provides updated applications available on the ACCF website
  • Maintains an easy-to-understand, simple-to-use grant application form
  • Maintains a comprehensive scholarship application form used by 40+ committees in efforts to provide a one-time application process for local high school students
  • Provides a fair distribution of funds
  • Upholds the wishes and instructions of the donors
 For questions or comments, please contact us at:  accf@adamscountyfoundation.org or call: (260) 724-3939.