The Adams County Community Foundation is like a community theater production.
There may appear to be a few on-stage but it takes the work of 150+ to keep the operation a five-star production.

Standing Committees

The ACCF has several standing committees which deserve a standing ovation!  These committees have a set number of times they met each year and the dates are set accordingly.


The standing committees include:
1. Board of Directors:  six required meeting / events
2. Finance Committee:  four required meetings
3. Scholarship Committee: four due dates, three meeting dates
4. Grants Committee: four due dates, four meeting dates
5. Angel Committee:  as needed (2-4 times / year)


These standing committees require the hard work and dedication of 40+ volunteers to accomplish their tasks.  The ACCF staff - along with our community - are grateful for the loyal and reliable service they provide. 


Scholarship Fund Committees


The ACCF has 100+ Scholarship Funds within the Foundation.  Each originating donor has identified his or her selection committee.  The ACCF is responsible for the organization of each of the committees and insure that IRS compliance is maintained.  There may be as many as 4-6 volunteers who earnestly and actively serve on each of these committees:
For a complete list of the scholarship funds within the ACCF, please visit the 'Funds' section of this website.