Scholarship Applications

The ACCF has the following applications available for students to download.  It is strongly recommended that scholarship applications be computer generated.  Please see each individual scholarship for information regarding submission requirements and due date.
To determine what applications may be appropriate for you, please read the information on the 'Scholarships' page.  If you have any scholarship related questions, please feel free to contact the ACCF at 260.724.3939 or
*** Before downloading any application, please read this for suggestions on how to be a successful candidate and recommendations for an impressive application or professional document. ***
MORE OPPORTUNITIES:  The ACCF may be aware of other scholarship opportunities within the community. If time allows, we can inform you if you qualify for other scholarships.  Therefore, the ACCF encourages you to submit your scholarship applications early. This application process may take a few days to complete in order to meet that due date.
1.  Instructions on how to open the 2018-2019 Traditional Student Application - read this first!

You may have problems if you do not follow these steps:

             1. Click on ‘2018-2019 Traditional Student Application’ (electronic, fillable version)’

                       This opens the doc - but it will not appear to be a ‘fillable-doc’

             2. Save to your personal device. This should appear as a fillable doc

             3. Each time you make changes to the doc you will need to retitle the file
Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship minimum requirements: 
      Adams County resident graduating senior from and Adams County high school 
      minimums:  GPA: 3.8 + SAT: 1100 OR ACT: 25
      Due Date: Wed., Sept 12, 2018, by 4:00 pm  
College Scholarships 
 ACCF/2018-2019 Traditional Student Application - Sept.  & Feb. Due Dates (electronic, fillable version) 
 ACCF/On-Track / Non-Traditional Student Application - November Due Date - This application is ONLY for Adams County OT/NT students who have not received a scholarship processed by the ACCF for the current calendar year. Questions? Call the ACCF 260.724.3939
 ACCF/Two-year Degree Student Application - June Due Date -for graduating high school seniors
*ACCF/Renewal Application- only certain scholarships qualify to be renewed. Please call ACCF at 260.724.3939 or email Deb Cook (scholarship administrator) at or Coni Mayer (executive director) at for more information
AHAIN, Affordable Housing Association of Indiana Scholarship Application - November Due Date - This application is ONLY for resident members and employees of Affordable Housing Association of Indiana
Hart, Chelsea Kay Hart Memorial Scholarship Application - February Due Date - This application is ONLY for graduating high school seniors from Heritage High School - Monroeville, IN
Seffernick, Alfred & Myrtle Seffernick Memorial Scholarship Application - Feb. & April Due Dates - This application is ONLY for graduating high school seniors from St. John's High School - Delphos, OH
Additional materials:
Proofs of Association for the following scholarships:  Dixie (Harvey) Arven, American Legion Post #43, American Legion Post #468, Decatur Volunteer Fire Dept., Meshberger / LICA, Smith Brothers of Berne / Nick Taylor.  Please print out the appropriate form(s) from this document and submit with the required material(s) as outlined on each form.
2019 Essay Topics for the following scholarships:  Trooper Cory Elson, Bryan James Miller, Nut Tree Reading, Smith Brothers of Berne / Nick Taylor, and Officer Jerry Wyss.  Also included is information regarding the Dr. H. S. 'Terry' Lee and Family Memorial Scholarship and the Paul W. Zurcher (Z Fund) Memorial Scholarship.  Please submit the required essay(s) separate from your application using the requirements outlined for each scholarship.
Youth Scholarships 
8th Grade Literacy Scholarship Application - Nov. & March Due Dates (electronic, fillable version)
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