The ACCF has several standing committees which deserve a standing ovation!  These committees have a set number of times they met each year and the dates are set accordingly.

Annually, these are:

1. Board of Directors:  six required meetings / events
Seated (L-R):  Adam Miller (President), Andrew Briggs (Vice President), Cathy Stucky (Treasurer), Rebecca Durbin (Secretary), Audra Snyder (Assistant Secretary)
Standing (L-R):   Becky Cochran, Ray D. Gill, Fred Macke, Christine Pierce, Susan Zurcher
Unavailable for photo:  Kathi Drake, Mark Jahn, Ken Ketzler, Louise Ray and Greg Fleming
2. Finance Committee:  four required meetings
Members:  Tim Baker, Randall Beer,  Andrew Briggs, Rebecca Cochran, Chris Colpaert, Dean Fuelling

3. Scholarship Committee: four due dates, three meeting dates
Members: Sylvia Scheumann (Co-chair), Rhonda Briggs (Co-chair), Kathi Drake, Lou Koning, Al Arnold, Christy Baker, Pat Lose, Mary Ann Webb, Javier Zaragoza
4. Grants Committee: four due dates, four meeting dates
Members:  Cathy Stucky (Co-Chair), Rebecca Durbin (Co-Chair), John Carroll, Dan Claghorn,  Tony Currie, Gregory Fleming, Ray D. Gill, Ryan Hirschy, Mark Jahn, Kenny Ketzler, Fred Macke, Jodi Mawhorr, Becky McClure, Christine Pierce, Louise Ray, Audra Snyder, Judith Zeser

5. Angel Committee:  as needed (2-4 times / year)
Members:  Rebecca Durbin (Chair), Vicky Koning, Christine Pierce, Susan Sefton, Ruth Ann Schmitt, Bobby Smith, Janet Torson, Sharon Wellman, Susan Zurcher, 
The ACCF staff and our community are grateful for the loyal and reliable service that our volunteers provide.