Miller, Bryan James Memorial Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est. 2006

April 23, 1989 - January 3, 2006
Front page articles in the newspaper, signs in yards, a marquee lit up outside his high school proclaiming, "Rest in Peace, Bryan.  We will miss you!", hundreds of simple but heartfelt expressions of sympathy from all over – each attested to the fact that 16-year-old Bryan Miller led a life that impacted forever all those who knew him…and even those who didn’t.
Bryan was the kind of person who always had a smile for everybody…and, despite his light-hearted comments about redheads and Purdue fans, it was evident he never had a mean word to say about anyone.  "A role model to all," wrote one of his friends, "Bryan showed people – everyone – kindness and compassion."  Largeness of heart – manifested in generosity and sharing – was another quality his friends remember about Bryan. 
In July 2004 - just before his sophomore year - Bryan was diagnosed with brain cancer, and surgery was scheduled immediately to relieve the pressure on his brain.  Afterwards, he endured 17 months of aggressive treatment including chemotherapy and radiation treatments, lengthy hospital stays, seizures, tremors, double vision, and other side effects. Through it all, neither Bryan, his family or friends gave up the fight against the cancer that threatened him.  In the end, the disease that could have taken the young man’s joy and good nature could only take his physical life.   
His heart, firmly planted in his faith, family and friends, lives on.
For Bryan’s funeral, the church was filled and the sanctuary was barely large enough to accommodate all of the attendees.  As evidenced by those who spoke about Bryan, cancer could not diminish the light that was his life…that goes on.
This scholarship has been established by Bryan’s family and friends as an annual tribute to insure Bryan’s legacy continues.
Scholarships are awarded to one Adams Central senior and two North Adams seniors each year.
Bryan, who would have graduated in 2007, is dearly missed by his classmates.