Girod, Dina Starr Memorial Fund (Donor Advised)

Fund Est. 2000
Dina was an attractive, well-remembered, natural athlete, who graduated from Adams Central High School, Monroe, Indiana in 1984.  Full of life, Dina enjoyed each day, her family, and her two young sons.  Sadly, her life was abruptly shortened by a fatal car-accident in 1998.
Established by Dina’s mother, Marilyn Schaadt, the ‘Dina Starr Girod Donor-Advised Fund’ is in loving memory of her daughter and as a tribute to Dina’s sons:  Michael Eicher and Dustin Girod.  This donor-advised fund will generate an annual grant which will be distributed to a nonprofit organization as determined by Marilyn Schaadt, Michael Eicher, and Dustin Girod.