Angel Funds (Field of Interest)

Angel Funds:

Cancer, Arthritis, Alzheimer/ Dementia, Diabetes, Heart, Hospice, Kidney, Lung, 
The Adams County Community Foundation, Inc. created the Angel Funds in 2000 after noting a significant number of memorial contributions were designated to national organizations.  However, when families were given the opportunity to keep their money local, they preferred this option.  There are eight options available for the Angel Funds:  Arthritis, Alzheimer/ Dementia, Diabetes, Heart, Hospice, Kidney, Lung and Cancer.

The Angel Funds allow the donor to contribute in honor or in memory to help Adams County, Indiana residents who have experienced these types of concerns.  Contributions also help these funds to grow.  These contributions will continue to support that fund indefinitely. 

How does this work?
The principal of the contribution is added to and invested with other endowed funds within the ACCF.  The income from investment of the endowed fund is used to grant to Adams County residents with one of the listed ailments. 
For example, a $50.00 contribution to the ACCF Cancer Fund in honor of X.Y.Zummer will be added to the existing Cancer Fund.  This investment generates an annual grant.  The annual grant is then donated to help Adams County residents who have experienced a cancer related illness. 
In all cases, financial support to these organizations are fully tax-deductible.  Proof of the tax-deductible contribution is available immediately to the donor and the family, who has listed the ACCF as the destination for their giving.
Contributions from a few dollars to many help our neighbors.  Call the Foundation at 260.724-3939 if you would like to participate in the Angel Tree (October - December) each year.  Personalized ornaments range in costs from $10 to $100.

Adams County dollars helping
Adams County residents