2019 Youth Awards

Lyncoln Ann Hess Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2013 in loving memory of Jesse and Alicia Hess' daughter, Lyncoln, who was just seven weeks old when she grew her angel wings.  Lyncoln was a member of the Zion Lutheran Church in Decatur along with her parents.  With this in mind, Jesse and Alicia established this scholarship to help with tuition expenses for young families whose children attend Zion Lutheran School.  Alicia noted that "the family would like to give children within the community a childhood that they were never able to give Lyncoln."
The 2019 Lyncoln Ann Hess Memorial Scholarship scholars are:  TBA
Rita Girard Memorial Music Scholarship
Rita (Rumschlag) Girard's musical journey began when her parents realized she had a special talent when, at the age of four, she could play melodies on the piano. Rita shared her life-long love of music with thousands of students and estimated that she gave over 10,000 music lessons. She was best known in the local music world as the 'behind the scenes' musical accompanist and was musical director for a wide variety of musical productions and performances.
This fund was established in 2007 by the St. Mary's Adult Choir shortly after Rita's death and seeks to fulfill Rita's wish to provide monetary and moral support just like she received to music students who desire to further their musical education.
The 2018 Rita Girard Memorial Scholarship recipients are:  TBA
Eric Richard Mies Memorial Scholarship    
  Eric Richard Mies graduated from Adams Central and DePauw University.  Eric loved to travel. 
  Traveling to places from India to Australia, he kept his parents eager to go to the mail box to retrieve
  postcards from his latest adventure.
  In 2012, Eric was living in Chicago, Illinois with his wife when they planned a fun get-away trip to
  Cancun, Mexico.  While in Cancun, on yet another adventure doing what he loved, pleasure and
  excitement turned to tragedy and heartbreaking consequences.
In the spirit of travel and adventure, this fund was set up by family and friends to memorial Eric.  Through this fund, Eric's passion for experiencing the world will continue for students of his alma mater, Adams Central.
In 2019, the Eric Richard Mies Memorial Scholarship will provide financial support for two students to follow their dreams of travel and adventure.
The 2019 Eric Richard Mies Memorial Scholarship recipients are:  Courtney Lotter and Zach Pettibone
 Pictured :  Courtney Lotter and Zach Pettibone. Courtney will be traveling to Costa Rica and Zach will be travelling to Graz, Austria.
  David & Betty Terveer St. Joe Fund

"We didn’t have any money, but we had faith."

David Terveer is a person who is unwavering in his efforts to memorialize his wife, Betty, and provide assistance to families who have children attending St. Joe School. David is a giving person who recognizes, appreciates and enjoys his ability to share. He is very generous, but David has not always had the ability to gift so altruistically.

As the third of seven children, David and his family’s lives were dramatically changed when his father died in an automobile accident when David was 12 years old. His mother, who was an at-home mom, was suddenly thrust into the position of head wage earner for the household. Looking back, David recalls that with seven young children and a mother who worked full-time, so much could have gone wrong. He credits a strong faith, trust of the Almighty, good guidance, and help from family and friends which has allowed David and each of his siblings to grow into responsible, respectable citizens with good families of their own.

David has been a St. Mary’s parishioner for 75+ years and his faith is strong and steadfast. Second to his faith is his family. David and Betty were married for 56 years before Betty died in 2005. They had three children: Mike, Pat, and Liz.

“Because we were helped – we want to help others”

The David & Betty Terveer St. Joe Fund was established in 2008 in appreciation and gratitude of the faith based education that four generations of Terveers have been fortunate and blessed to receive. It provides scholarships for students who, like David did as a child, have experienced life’s unexpected bumps and hurdles. Through this fund, David is able to provide a solid foundation for children’s faith and education. This fund can also be used for educational purposes as determined necessary by the St. Joe administration.

The 2019 David & Betty Terveer St. Joe Fund award recipients are: TBA

Benjamin Allen Roehs Nursery School Scholarship

Marvin and Kae Taylor established the Benjamin Allen Roehs Nursery School Scholarship in 2000 after the death of their grandson shortly after birth. This scholarship assists with tuition for pre-school students who attend the Monroe United Methodist Church Pre-School program.

As active members of the Monroe Methodist Church, the Taylors' wanted to help families who wanted to enroll their young children in the church's Christian-based nursery school. They believe that if a child can be introduced to a Christian education at an early age, it sets the foundation for a good, religious understanding and Christian way of life. 

The 2019 Benjamin Allen Roehs Nursery School Scholarship recipients are:  TBA