2019 OnTrack/Non-Traditional Scholar Awards

The 2019 OnTrack / Non-Traditional Scholar Recognition award events was held on Tuesday, July 9 at 6:00 pm at the Knight of Columbus.   

This year, the scholarship committee reviewed over 50 OnTrack and Non-Traditional scholar applications.


Shown (above) 35 New ACCF Non-traditional Scholars at the ACCF Scholarship reception on July 9, 2019.


New Non-Traditional Scholars in alphabetical order: Tyler Affolder, Sydney Augsburger, Evan Brown, Audrey Burson, Jenna Busick, Parker Busick, Anthony Busse, Madison Call, Stephanie Creech, Sydney Dague, Kelsey Dohrman, Morgan Ellsworth, Caitlyn Emenhiser, Katrina Fosnaugh, Kaydee Gage, Justin Gephart, Jerrad Gerber, Marnie Griffith, Kaitlynn Gorrell, Mackenzie Hackman, Andrew Heimann, Bobbie Heyerly, Emma Heyerly, Silas Hildebrand, Nathanael Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Allyssa Laughlin, Calyssa Lehman, Krista Lehman, Sarah Liter, Courtney Lotter, Madison Morgan, Lilly Myers, Madalynn Myers, Mackenzie Neher, Allyson Schwartz, Rebecah Schwartz, Clayton Sheehan, Peyton Staub, Marcus Teeter, Gabrielle Toenges, Morgan Tracey, Olivia Von Gunten, Hanna Walker, Hannah Wellman, Rebeka Wilder, Sydni Wolpert, Cassie Yoder.


Shown above: 27 Non-Traditional Renewals and Grad scholars at the ACCF Scholarship reception on July 9, 2019.

Non-Traditional Renewals in alphabetical order: April Binegar, Jose Diaz, Trisha Hirschy, Eric Lane, Daniele Miller, Mikala Quinn, Katie Sprunger. Jessica Sutton, Evan Selking.
Grad Scholars in alphabetical order: Andrew Hakes, Edward Resendez, Kathryn Shaffer, Landon Smith, & Rileigh Wolpert.


On-Track Renewal Scholars in alphabetical order: Adrienne Ashley, Mae Baczynski, Daniel Baker, MaKenzie Barger, Madilyn Baumann, Jennifer Baumer, Jacob Blackburn, Emily Bluhm, Lindsey Bluhm, Kyle Brown, Connor Bussel, Jenna Corral, Ean Degitz, Kaidlyn Fuhrmann, Ben Fullenkamp, Chelsea Geels, Madison Gephart, Zachary Hackman, Ashley Hamrick, Bailee Hankenson, Zachary Houser, Kaitlen Geimer, Cindy In’t Groen, Justin Jauregui, Saige Jauregui, Benjamin Kahlert, Kara Keller, Austin Knous, Andrew LeFever, Sarah Luginbill, Abby Myers, Hannah Myers, Shelby Nower, Jessah Okoniewski, Lizah Okoniewski, Ryan Okoniewski, Collin Selking, Bryanna Sheets, Samuel Steiner, Caitlyn Stukenborg, Kandra Tubbs.
Listed below are the On-Track/Non-Traditional Scholarship Funds 
David Bailey Memorial Vocational Scholarship
David was a past member of the Central Soya Quarter Century Club, the Rollin Thunder Car Club, American Quarter Horse Association, an avid Hot Rod and Classic Car enthusiast and loved working on his 1952 Ford “Frog” truck and 1966 Chevelle. David enjoyed restoring old vehicles. At any time, he could be found in this garage sanding, greasing, repairing, or installing pieces to bring old, outdated, worn out vehicles to their original, shiny, and impressive appearance. Carol loved that David took such great pride in his hobby. She well remembers sitting in the garage as David tinkered with his newest, old vehicle.
She said David often had boys stop by to learn from his skills and experience.

Carol opted to establish a memorial scholarship in the ACCF so that David’s love of restoration of old vehicles and interest in automotive repair could be carried on, long remembered, and honored. 

K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Scholarship
Karl Robert Ehrman was a lifeling resident of Adams County with family ties in Wells County.  A humble, quiet man, he was a retired farmer and an accomplished musician.  He played the French horn, coronet, organ, and the accordion.
Through his generosity and commitment to both counties, he established an endowment fund with the Wells County Foundation.  As a part of the terms of the fund, a percentage of the annual distribution is for ocational grants to each of the six high schools in Adams and Wells Counties.
Recipients are selected for having demonstrated an interest in a particular vocational area with plans to enter an accredited postsecondary vocational training program.
Don and Helen Forst Memorial Scholarship

Don and Helen Forst were the owners and operators of a popular engine shop on 2nd Street in downtown Decatur. In 1968, they established a trust in their name to sponsor scholarships to graduating high school seniors from the Catholic or Decatur High School. Per their instructions, the selection committee is comprised of one representative each from the largest parochial school and public school in Adams County along with the ACCF scholarship committee chairpersons. Currently, those selected to receive this award are awarded a scholarship either as a renewable or one-time award.

 Mary Jo Hoffman Memorial Scholarship Award
Mary Jo Hoffman was a school teacher for 34 years.  During her career, she taught 2nd grade at Lincoln School, Monmouth Elementary School, and Northwest Elementary School.  Mary Jo wanted to make sure her love of educating the youth in our community did not stop when she retired.  As a dedicated teacher, she established this scholarship so a student would be given support both financially and in spirit.  She knew it takes more than financial support to be a successful candidate. 
This award recognizes those students who have shown the ability to be resilient and hardworking.  Though she passed away in 2013, Mary Jo's legacy and support will live on through this scholarship.

John and Lou Karsh-Sink Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship, established in 1995, was a generous contribution from Jim and

 Sara Briggs in memory of Sara's parents. It is a show of appreciation to those 
 students who chose to stay in our community to raise the professional level of
 services for all residents and is given to an Adams County resident majoring in
John Lingenfelter Memorial Scholarship

John Earl Lingenfelter was born in Pennsylvania and earned his associates degree in drafting and design from Pennsylvania state in 1965. He worked at International Harvest in Fort Wayne in the engine laboratory until leaving in 1973 to start Lingenfelter Racing, now known as Lingenfelter Performance Engineering (LPE). While locally owned, LPE has become internationally known in the sophisticated world of speed, engines, and record-breaking races.

John's infatuation for speed was his obsession and his nemesis. While driving the 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier at Pomona, California in October 2002, John was involved in a serious accident that ultimately claimed his life in Decatur, Indiana on December 25, 2003.

This fund was established in support of a student who, like John, has chosen to major in engineering.

Harold and Dora Ann Long Scholarship
This scholarship fund was established by Lois Ann (Long) Skelly and James B. Long in loving memory of their parents Harold and Dora Ann Long.  Harold graduated from Berne High School in 1927.  Following graduation, he attended Ball State Teachers College.  In 1926, Harold started his teaching career in a one room country school and continued to teach in the southern part of Adams County for the next 46 years.
This scholarship will provide support to graduates of South Adams High School pursuing a career in teaching.
Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing, Class of '70 Scholarship
The Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing (LHSN), Class of 1970 established this
 fund to support a promising student pursuing a degree in nursing.  Though
 LHSN is no longer an established nursing school, several members of this
 class meet on a regular basis and recall youthful experiences and discuss
 ways to encourage future nursing students.  
 This scholarship comes from former nursing students  - now graduates - who
  well remember the financial struggles they endured to become qualified
Dee Macke Memorial Scholarship Award

Dee Macke was a loving mother and grandmother. Dee married Fred on December 3, 1960, and their family grew to include four children and seven grandchildren. At the age of 40, Dee decided to go back to school to become a nurse. While a 40 year old student is not uncommon today, back in the 1980's this was certainly not the norm. Dee's courage and determination surely paved the way for future non-traditional adult students.

Dee earned her associates degree and then went on to earn her bachelor's degree. In 1995, Dee was serving as an oncology and diabetic nurse and worked in treatment and education at Adams Memorial Hospital. She gained the respect of her patients and their family members while offering strength and hope. Sadly, Dee was diagnosed with cancer and lost her battle just before her 60th birthday.

This memorial scholarship, established by Dee's family and friends, is a reminder of her endless energy to help others. This scholarship will help other nontraditional students to pass along Dee's unyielding drive to help, educate, and motivate those around her.

Edward and Colleen Marbach Memorial Scholarship
The Edward and Colleen Marbach Memorial Scholarship was established in their
memory by their six children:  Michael, John, Susan, Janet, David, and James. 
Both Ed and Colleen were members of the Zion Lutheran Church in Decatur,
Indiana.  Raised on a farm in St. Marys township, all six of the Marbach
children attended Adams Central Schools.
 Ed owned and operated E & M Gun Shop, retired from Dolco Packaging, and
 was a lifelong dairy farmer.  Colleen assisted her husband in the farming
 operation and milking for 54 years.  She was employed by Adams Memorial
 Hospital and Woodcrest Nursing Center in Decatur. 
Masters Heating and Air Vocational Scholarship
 Mark Bulmahn recalls back in high school when a presenter talked about a
  heating and air certification program.  He said he did not have any post-high
  school plans, so he talked to his parents about the program.  It was expensive: 
  $600 a semester...for four semesters!  This life experience certainly paid off
  well for Mark and his family.  
  Mark started his business Mark's Heating and Air in 1980 out of his parents'
  home.  Fast forward to the present, and Mark's Heating and Air has grown and
  transitioned to Masters Heating and Cooling Inc. with locations in Decatur,
  Berne, Fort Wayne, and Portland.  Mark reports he has been very blessed with
  good employees that have helped his company thrive over the past 30 years.
This scholarship is Mark's opportunity to give back and support a student seeking additional education in a vocational area.
Christina 'Tina' Mere Memorial Scholarship

Married to Michael Mere in 1976, their family grew to include two children

(Dawn and Jake) and three grandchildren (Anthony Hill, Jr., Keyara
Mere-Knapp, and Kyle Hill). Dawn reports that her mom is the reason she
made it through college. Her family reports that she was the ultimate friend
and the perfect grandmother. She also influenced her grandchildren to think
of others and give of their time and talents whenever they could.

This scholarship is for non-traditional students with priority given to an Adams Central graduate going into the field of healthcare.


Ruby Rambo-Blazer Memorial Scholarship

Ruby V. (Rambo) Blazer, 94 of Decatur, IN was married at age 16 to Glenn Rambo in 1934, they were married for 33 years. They had four children: Richard, Phillip, Jerry, and Janet. Glenn died in 1967.


Ruby then married Fred Blazer in 1968. They were married for 43 years. In addition to her four children she also had 18 grandchildren, 44 great grandchildren, and 14 great-great grandchildren.


Today, in our society, to be married for 33 years is to be celebrated. To know of a person so dedicated to their spouse, they are married for 33 years and 43 years is to be recognized, celebrated, and certainly respected.


Ruby owned and operated Ruby’s Style Center Beauty Shop and also worked as a homemaker. She attended Faith Alive Church and was a former member of the First Baptist Church. She was a member of the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary and the Women of the Moose.

Ruby was a well-respected member of our community, and her children want to memorialize her with this annual tribute. This scholarship will be awarded to a student, like her, who appreciates the importance of a good family and is a contributing member of our society

Brittany Raymond-Arnold Memorial Scholarship

Brittany was an "awesome!" mother to her little ones. She took immense joy

and pride in their everyday accomplishments. Her friends describe her as
"genuinely kind" with a vibrant smile and contagious laughter. Brittany was a
full-time student studying secondary education when she was involved in a
tragic car accident at the age of 25.

This scholarship, established by her family and friends, will insure Brittany's caring and loving spirit will continue to live on and bring a smile to someone's day as she did in life. Priority is given to an Adams County non-traditional student going into the healthcare field.

Mary Reinhard Scholarship for Educators

Miss Reinhard, a graduate of Ball State Teachers College (now known as Ball State University), received her master's degree in education from Colorado State University. She taught in Adams county and Allen county for a total of 40 years and was highly respected by her students. Former students recall her "full and gracious life service."

The primary intent of this fund is to assist individuals committed to entering the field of elementary or secondary education as teachers. This fund is managed by the Wells County Community Foundation.

Dennis and Sylvia Scheumann Scholarship
Dennis and Sylvia Scheumann are the parents of three children (Jason, Joshua,
and Holly) and have seven grandchildren. Original owners of the Mid-States
Tools, Sylvia has served on the ACCF Scholarship Committee since 1991;
therefore, they well know the importance of scholarships.
Denny and Sylvia have established this scholarship fund to provide support for
local students going into programs primarily for machines trade or health care.
John and Kay Boch Memorial Scholarship

John, a retired Decatur postmaster, and Kay, owner of the popular 'Kiddie Shop' in downtown Decatur, have been leaders in the philanthropic giving in Adams County since this fund was established in 1996. This fund has grown to over $4 million and is overseen by their nephew, Robert Boch, who directs the investments and distributions of grants and scholarships. A portion of the money generated by this fund is awarded to various non-profit organizations in Adams County. The remaining funds are awarded in the form of scholarships to benefit youth and OnTrack / Non-Traditional students of Adams County. OnTrack and Non-Traditional students may renew their scholarships pending approval.