2019 Adams Central Senior Awards

The 2019 Adams Central High School Senior Awards Program was held on Monday, May 6, 2019 at 7 pm at Adams Central High School.  Over 50 awards totaling over $60,000 were presented by the ACCF.

45 Adams Central Seniors/Scholars are featured in this photo.
AC Senior Scholarship Awards « Class of 2019 «
May 6, 2019


Adams County Community Foundation


 1st Time Awards:


Ruth Koos Memorial Scholarship

*Abigail Chamberlain            AC       Purdue Fort Wayne         Human Services

*Alyssa Fennig                     AC       University of St. Francis  Nursing
*William Hamilton                AC       Purdue Fort Wayne         Marketing


ACCF Historical awards with donors presenting:

Phil and Carolyn Barger Scholarship
*Elizabeth Bluhm                 AC       Indiana University           Interior Design
*Callager Cole                     AC       Purdue Fort Wayne         Art & Design
*Maci Harkless                    AC       Huntington University      Nursing
*Jacob McCullough              AC       Indiana University           Business
Encore Scholarship (In memory of Chester Longenberger) 
*Abigail Reynolds                AC       Ball State University        Nursing
*Jacob Stevenson                AC       IUPUI                           Radiation Therapy
Barkley-Pettibone Memorial Scholarship
*Melanie Bard                     AC       Purdue Fort Wayne        Business Management
*Timothy Miller                   AC       Ball State University       Mathematics
Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship
*Kyndal Roe                        AC       Purdue Fort Wayne       Elementary Education 
Optimist Club Scholarship
*Keri Sheets                        AC       Ivy Tech                      Nursing
Bryan Miller Memorial Scholarship
*Abigail Reynolds                      AC       Ball State University        Nursing
Paul Zurcher Scholarship
*Allyson Black                     AC      University of St. Francis    Nursing


Adams Central Scholarship Foundation

Adams Central School Board Scholarship
*Dylan Miller                      AC       Purdue Fort Wayne         Math Education
Earl & Alta May Caston Memorial Scholarships
*Syndney Christner             AC      Indiana University FW     Dental Hygenist
*Rendi Degitz                     AC      IUPUI                            Biomedical Engineering
*Olivia Fisher                     AC       Purdue University FW      Education 
*Desiree Hedington            AC       Indiana University           Social Work
*Jayme Miller                     AC      Manchester University      Pre-Law, Political Science
*Abigail Reynolds               AC       Ball State University        Nursing
*Jaxson Rikenberger           AC      Indiana Tech                  Mechanical Engineering  
*Kyndal Roe                       AC      Purdue Fort Wayne         Elementary Education
*Jacob Stevenson               AC      IUPUI                            Art 
First Bank of Berne Scholarship
*Cameron Burkhart             AC     Indiana University            Finance
Meyer Building LLC Scholarship
*Parker Bates                     AC      Wabash College              Accounting
Monroe Lions Club Scholarship
*Molly Ellenberger              AC       Ball State University        Nutrition/Dietetics
Don & Louise Ray Scholarship
*Jesse Franck                    AC       Purdue Fort Wayne          Computer Science
CWR Schwartz Endowment Scholarship
*Madison DeRoo              AC        University of St. Francis     Nursing 

 Adams Central Scholarship Foundation

D.A.L. Appreciation Scholarship
*Abigail Bertsch               AC         Purdue Fort Wayne          Political Science
David & Maxine Ringger Scholarship
*Kevin Brown                  AC        University of St. Francis     Chemistry/Pre-Med
Rowena & Glen Stucky Scholarship
*Claire Anderson             AC          Ball State University         History 
Ronald W. Myers Memorial Scholarship
*Colton Yergler                AC         Purdue Fort Wayne          Business 

Historical awards with ACCF presenting:


Anonymous Scholarship

*BethAnn Eicher             AC          Gallaudet                         Education
*Alexus Hurst                 AC           Ivy Tech                         Elementary Education
ACCF/Lilly Finalist Scholarship
*Kevin Brown                 AC           University of St. Francis     Chemistry/Pre-Med
Adams County Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship
*Holly Ashley                  AC           Indiana State University    Nursing-Pediatric-Cardio
*Mason Gledhill               AC           Ball State University          Dietetics
Decatur Dental Services Scholarship
*Sydney Christner           AC           Indiana University FW       Dental Hygienist 
K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Scholarship
*Keri Sheets                   AC           Ivy Tech                          Nursing
Katelyn Gilbert Memorial Scholarship
*Madison DeRoo             AC           University of St. Francis     Nursing
Meshberger Brothers/LICA Scholarship
*Jalen Hammond            AC            Purdue Fort Wayne          Civil Engineering
*Jaxson Rinkenberger     AC            Indiana Tech                   Mathematical Engineering
MLS/Miller Land Survey, Engineering Scholarship
*Jarred Clark                   AC          Purdue Fort Wayne          Mechanical Engineer
John Geimer  Memorial Scholarship
*Claire Anderson              AC          Ball State University         History
*Abigail Bertsch               AC          Purdue Fort Wayne          Political Science
*Jayme Miller                   AC         Manchester University       Pre-Law, Political Science
Nut Tree Scholarship
*BethAnn Eicher              AC          Gallaudet                         Education
*Olivia Fisher                   AC          Purdue Fort Wayne           Education
Smith Brothers/ Nick Taylor Scholarship
*Jaxson Rinkenberger       AC          Indiana Tech                   Mechanical Engineering
Liz Souder Memorial Scholarship
*Alexus  Hurst                  AC          Ivy Tech                        Elementary Education
Richard 'Hap' Sprunger Scholarship
*Keri Sheets                    AC          Ivy Tech                         Nursing 
Other Known Awards
College Recognition Awards
Adams Central Classroom Teachers
Local Scholarships 

ACCF/Kevin and Becky Bowman Scholarship

This fund was established to encourage and support young adults with their current education and expand it. Upon completion of their advanced education and as they begin looking for that new career, it will be in the field of their choice and not just a job. Kevin, upon graduation from Adams Central High School, started his career in the transportation industry at Case Leasing & Rental and worked there for 25 years. In 1999, he left and went to work for Supervalu then as a driver for National Oil & Gas where he is now working. Becky, upon graduation from Huntington North High School, attended Huntington College. She started her career at Our Sunday Visitor and worked there for 17 years. For the past 10 years, she has worked at Adams Woodcrest in housekeeping. Kevin and Becky were married in 1992 and have resided in the Monroe area for over 25 years. It is their wish to show support for the students of Adams Central through this scholarship.
ACCF/Medford and Shirley Smith Scholarship
Established by their seven children, the Smith Fund is a tribute to this much respected couple both professionally and personally. Reliable volunteers with the St. Mary Church, St. Joseph School, and Adams Public Library; they set their standards high when raising their children. This scholarship maintains this standard with scholarships being presented to former St. Joe students with minimum GPA of 3.0.


ACCF/Barkley-Pettibone Memorial Scholarship
Gary, Mike and Carol Pettibone wanted to provide a legacy in memory of their families. Both Carol and Mike Pettibone, who are educators, have grandparents who were educators. This fund is to recognize the Barkley and Pettibone families.Past-Superintendent Mr. Pettibone and siblings: Gary and Donna wanted to remember their brother. Dan Pettibone was a good student, a good athlete who valued education, who sadly died way too young. This fund is to honor and memorialize Dan Pettibone and Carol’s grandparents: Mr. and Mrs. Barkley. Mike and Carol utilized the services of the Foundation as they wanted to establish one scholarship endowment fund and provide scholarships to two schools. Since 2007, there have been multiple Barkley-Pettibone Memorial Scholarships awarded to Adams Central and Bellmont seniors. The selection committee for the AC Barkley-Pettibone is tasked to identify a person who is a good student that values education…someone that would well represent the Barkley-Pettibone families. As you can imagine – this made for quite a difficult task as there were so very many deserving candidates. With me tonight to make this presentation are the Barkley-Pettibone Family members.


ACCF/Encore Scholarship
In 2004, Carol Longenberger and husband Chester, contacted the Foundation to institute a tribute to their two loves: In loving memory of Carole’s husband, Chester Longenberger, and in recognition and appreciation for their love of music. They wanted to be decision makers in the scholarship eligibility profile and scholar selection process, so they contacted the ACCF in order to establish this scholarship and identify the selection committee. The Encore Scholarship is awarded to a student who has been involved in music, band, theater, and/or choir while in high school.  
ACCF/Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship

In 2006, Brenda and Troy Kipfer wanted to memorialize their daughter Kayla and her siblings: Sierria (who died at birth) and Seth (who died of SIDs at 6 months old). In May 2002, Kayla, age 11, died in a tragic house fire. Though we are recognizing all of the Kipfer-family children tonight, it is Kayla who is especially remembered with this scholarship.

ACCF/Ruth Koos Memorial Scholarship
Ruth was a member of Union Chapel Methodist Church in Decatur, Union Chapel United Methodist Women's Circle, and General Electric Retirees Quarter Century Club. Ruth retired from Decatur General Electric Corporation in 1977, with 34 years of service. Ruth remembered her community in a bequest to the Adams County Community Foundation where the ACCF Board of Directors opted to establish both scholarships for promising students and grants for nonprofit organizations serving Adams County residents.  


ACCF/Bryan Miller Memorial Scholarship
One might wonder why we live in a small community like Adams County / why we opt to tolerate the crazy Indiana weather and limited choices of entertainment - but when a life-altering situation occurs like what the Miller family experienced, it is clear. Thirteen years ago, our community saw ‘Pray for Bryan’ signs. In July 2004, Bryan was diagnosed with a brain tumor. There were countless trips to Indianapolis and Chicago in an aggressive effort to combat this ever present growth. Sadly, in January 2006 hundreds of family members and friends filled the Decatur Methodist Church to say good bye. Just a few weeks ago, April 23, 2017, would have been Bryan’s 28th birthday. There are multiple scholarships awarded each year to memorialize Bryan: to AC and Bellmont seniors. This scholarship was established to recognize students like Bryan. Bryan was an excellent student who showed confidence in his faith and perseverance against his illness. 
ACCF/Miller Land Survey / MLS Engineering Scholarship
Established by the company managed by 1992 Adams Central graduate, Brett Miller, this scholarship for an Adams Central student is his way of ‘giving-back’ to a community that has served him and his family well. Though the Miller Land Surveying / MLS has been awarding scholarships for several years, it is now a fund in the Adams County Community Foundation so an award will be presented annually. The successful student plans to pursue a degree in an area of engineering.  
ACCF/Optimist Club Scholarship
The Optimist International is a worldwide volunteer organization made up of more than 2,500 local clubs whose members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves.   The Optimist Scholarship will be presented annually to NA and AC students that plan to earn a certificate or a two-year degree and enter the workforce using this education / training.


ACCF/Liz Souder Memorial Scholarship
Six years of teaching at Adams Central, Mrs. Souder touched and impacted many young lives. Liz went in for a seemingly ordinary out-patient procedure but the event and outcome was anything but ordinary – Liz died as a result of complications. Parents, Neal and Sue Keller, wanted to leave a legacy of Liz’s efforts to encourage and educate. They have established a fund in the Adams County Community Foundation to insure an AC and an NA student going into education or journalism will be recognized each year with a ‘Liz’ Souder Memorial Scholarship. 
ACCF/Kelly J. Zeser Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Kelly J. Zeser (born 7-16-1965) who at the age of 46, died June 7, 2012 of a cancer after struggling with this illness for one year. Kelly will be remembered for many things, in particular her drawing and creative skills. The family of Kelly, parents: Judith and Tom, siblings: twin sister, Kim and her brother Jim wanted to award a creative arts scholarship to an outstanding student that shows interest in pursuing a major in the area of Kelly’s talents.
ACCF/Anonymous Contributor Scholarship

With the support of our local community and local businesses, these Adams Central students are shown support for their future endeavors. With the support of various community businesses who wish to remain anonymous, these promising leaders of tomorrow were selected for this award

ACCF/ Lilly Finalist Scholarship
This year the ACCF invited 6 students to participate in the ACCF / Lilly Endowment Scholarship interview process. There were 2 students from AC, 3 student from NA, and 1 student from SA. The students were interviewed with one scholarship awarded to an South Adams student. The students that impressively represented their family, school, and themselves are featured as finalists and are recognized with ACCF scholarships. 

ACCF/American Legion Post #43 Scholarship
Starting in 2006, the leaders of the American Legion and our community participate each year in a unique fundraiser recognizing local military personnel by placing an ornament on the Tree of Valor. This giving opportunity is available each year in November for Veterans Day and through the Christmas season. The money collected through this event was used to establish an endowed fund in the Foundation and to provide funding for this award. The scholar selected for this award must provide proof of military association and a family membership to the American Legion, Post #43. 
ACCF/John and Kay Boch Scholarship
This year, AC and SA used the ACCF scholarship application for their school’s scholarship committees. This makes it easier for these students as they have only one applicant to fill out and the ACCF shares their applications with the review committees for which the students are eligible. The ACCF had over 170 applications submitted. The various applications revealed some very interesting details of our students in Adams County. This scholarship was created as a result of the number of the students who applied and, particularly, the compelling work-ethic of these students. This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated efforts to succeed and promise for a bright future beyond the traditional student. 


ACCF/James Rumple Memorial Vocational Scholarship
James was born in Wells County to Bill & Delores Rumple, but lived in Adams County most all of his life. He had two brothers: Paul and Tim Rumple. As most students who have an interest in working with their hands, James, age 28, liked the vocational education classes. He was a farm-boy who loved the outdoors and wanted to work in an occupation that had steady income and physical movement. He enjoyed his family, life in general, and his trades-employment working for Fuhrman Electric. His family wanted a scholarship which best profiled James. The eligibility requirements listed are for the candidate to be a student working in the trades field. 

ACCF/Adams County Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

Established in 1998, the Adams County Memorial Hospital Fund was transferred into the Adams County Community Foundation when there was a very lucrative $1. for $1 match sponsored by Lilly Endowment Foundation. This fund was established so that scholarships are awarded to students majoring in health-care from each school in Adams County. 


ACCF/John A. Geimer Memorial Scholarship
In 2003, Virginia Geimer, contacted the Foundation to generate an endowed fund in the Foundation in memory of her son who died while still quite young. John Geimer was a 1966 AC graduate who was active in band, cross country, and Youth for Christ. John was a pilot in Vietnam and following his duty in action was a pilot-trainer living in Georgia. Always a fan of fast cars he was with a friend who was driving John’s new corvette when a fatal car-crash took his life. 
ACCF/K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Scholarship
Karl Robert Ehrman was a lifelong resident of Adams County with family ties in Wells County. A humble, quiet man, he was a retired farmer and an accomplished musician. Through his generosity and commitment to both counties, he established an endowment fund with the Wells County Foundation. As a part of the terms of the fund, a percentage of the annual distribution is for vocational grants to each of the six high schools in Adams and Wells Counties. Recipients are selected for having demonstrated an interest in a particular vocational area with plans to enter an  accredited postsecondary vocational training program. 
ACCF/Meshberger / LICA Scholarship
Established in 1998, the Meshberger Brothers Scholarship was established so that one scholarship was awarded in rotation to a student from each school in Adams County. With the growth of this fund, and the generous additional contributions made by the Meshberger Corporation this fund had grown large enough to award scholarships to seniors in each school district. Recent growth has allowed multiple awards at each of the local schools. Eligibility requirement for this scholarship is that the student has association with a Meshberger/LICA employee (present/past) or is majoring in engineering