2016-2017 Dr. Lee and Family Healthcare Scholarship

 2016-2017 Dr. Lee and Family Healthcare Scholarship

 “Dr. Hyung Soo "Terry" Lee, 74, a surgeon in Decatur at Adams Memorial Hospital for almost 40 years. After he finished medical school in South Korea, he came to the United States for additional training. He completed his internship and residency at James Walker Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, NC; Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH and Baptist Hospital in Nashville, TN. He worked in Centerville, TN, for two years before moving to Decatur in 1973, where he practiced until his retirement in September of 2011. He was truly a dedicated doctor and he loved the people of Decatur, especially everyone who worked with him for many years at Adams Memorial Hospital.”
Shown (L-R): Shown: Dr. Robert Christiaan Lee and Antoinette Lee are shown presenting the first Dr. H. S. Lee and Family Healthcare Scholarship to Landon Smith. Shown in the foreground is the award presented to Dr. Lee for his Lifetime Achievement.

This scholarship opportunity is in loving memory of Dr. H. S. ‘Terry’ Lee (July 21, 1940 – August 7, 2014). Dr. Lee was a beloved and respected general practitioner and surgeon. His staff, co-workers, associates and especially his patients held him in highest regard. This scholarship is a tribute to Dr. Lee who impacted so many people’s lives.

Mrs. Lee wanted an annual tribute to her husband who was a respected and admired physician. Dr. Lee loved the people of Decatur, especially everyone who worked with him for many years at Adams Memorial Hospital (AMH). Therefore, with the partnership with the AMH the eligibility requirements for this scholarship is the successful candidate will have association with the hospital.

Mrs. Lee reports she thinks this first award to Landon Smith is just the type of student she feels Dr. Lee would be proud to support. Landon has worked at the AMH since 2007 beginning with emergency department as an RN with patient care, triage, and staff scheduling. Landon enjoyed his position with the emergency department but he wanted to do more, so he has committed the next several years to attending Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio to earn his doctorate in Pharmacy. Landon reports this is a family decision as his wife Rachel and three children Hailey, Adalyn, and Kinzey (ages 9,6, 4) understand this will be a challenging time for all members of the family … but it is a challenge they are all championing. With plans to intern at a local pharmacy, London hopes after graduation, to work in the AMH pharmacy to help all patents in our community.

Coni Mayer, executive director of the ACCF, shared that she feels honored to be a part of this wonderful tribute to this respected doctor. What a privilege to remind people every year of Dr. Lee’s contribution to our community.