Impact Grants

The Impact grant opportunity is new to the ACCF with the first Impact grant awarded in October 2013. This opportunity is available during the Fall/October grant cycle only and requests range from $5,000 to $10,000. Not-for-profit organizations that serve Adams County residents are invited to submit an application. Please keep in mind that all not-for-profit organizations awarded a grant through the ACCF are expected to provide proof that grant funds were used to directly benefit Adams County residents.


How do I submit an Impact grant? How does the process work?


The ACCF Impact grant process is as followed:

Step 1:   Contact the ACCF to obtain a copy of the impact grant application. Complete the application and submit the required number of complete copies (along with any additional supplemental materials you wish) to the ACCF by 4 pm on the due date.

Step 2:   The ACCF Grants Committee will review all applications and meet to determine their top three requests. If your organization is not among the top three requests, notification will be mailed out approximately three weeks after the due date. However, if your request is among the top three, your organization will receive an invitation to interview at the ACCF at a time convenient for the grants committee. It is important that you call to confirm the interview appointment. During the interview, ACCF Grant Committee members will inquire about various aspects of your program or event in order to gain more information on which to base their final decision.

Step 3:   Approximately one week after the interview process, the final round of notification letters will be mailed out. If your organization is awarded a grant, the grant writer must sign and date the Grant Acceptance Agreement (Form 1) and Grant Application Certificate (Form 2) that was included with the notification letter. Once these have been returned to the ACCF, a check will be processed and mailed to the organization along with Follow-Up (Form 3) and Reporting to the Community (Form 4).

Step 4:   Upon completion of the program or event the grant supported, the grant writer must complete and submit Follow-Up (Form 3) to the ACCF. Please include receipts (dated AFTER the date of the grant check) showing proof of payment.

Step 5:   Contact the ACCF to arrange for a publicity photo to be taken. These photos will be submitted to local newspapers for accountability purposes and as a way to communicate to the public and ACCF donors how their donations are being used. Please note: if possible, the ACCF prefers the publicity photo be taken during the program or event that the grant funds were used for. If that is not viable, other arrangements can be made.


If you have any questions regarding this grant cycle, please contact the ACCF at 260.724.3939 or