Zwick, Helen Schroll Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2007 (in the ACCF)
June 27, 1910 • May 23, 1990
Married to Dr. Harold Zwick, Helen and Harold had three children: Maryann (Cowans) of Decatur, Frederick of White Hall, Wisconsin, and Barbara (Johnson) of Fort Wayne.
Helen was a school teacher for over 20 years of her life – working in two separate stints taking time off to care for their three children while her husband was away serving in WWII.  During the first part of her career, from 1930-1941, she began the first kindergarten in Decatur with 36 students.   
A dedicated and respected kindergarten teacher for 23 years, her students fondly recall the unmistakable imprint she made with her requirement for good manners.  They learned quickly the magnitude of the ‘magic words’, the importance of good table manners, and the power of politeness by respectfully shaking hands. 
Helen loved Decatur, Indiana.  She loved its people, its students, the hominess of the community – and she wanted others to take care of it and love it, too.

Because of her love for her students and her generous spirit toward others, the Helen Schroll Zwick Memorial Scholarship was created so her memory will long be remembered.  One scholarship will be awarded each year to a graduating North Adams high school senior.