Van Emon, Kenneth & Eula Scholarship Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est. 2008 by the Van Emon Children

(photo taken at the Van Emon family picnic, July 26, 2008)

This Van Emon couple has been in the field of education for (collectively) nearly 60 years.  Kenneth Van Emon was an educator / administrator for 37 years while Eula Van Emon was a kindergarten teacher for 22 years.  This fund was established by their ten children in celebration of their 80th birthdays and their 59th Anniversary (married since February 19, 1949). 

In his career, Kenneth Van Emon, a graduate of the former Geneva High School also graduated from Purdue University at West Lafayette and received additional degrees from Ball State University in Muncie.  He was principal at the former Hartford High School then became assistant South Adams superintendent and later the superintendent.

Also a graduate of Geneva High School, after having ten children and while in her mid-30’s, Eula began attending Indiana University in Ft. Wayne.  She also pursued further education from Ball State and Purdue.  Eula reported that she knew that unless she started working, they would never get these kids all raised, give them an education, and do a good job.

Kenneth reports that he and his wife are very proud of their children.  All of the children have been successful.  The couple also has 22 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. 

At a summer party in celebration of their birthdays and anniversary, a surprise announcement was made of a scholarship fund established in the Adams County Community Foundation to honor their parents.  This scholarship will be awarded each year to a South Adams High School student who plans to major in education.