Stucky, Rick Memorial Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)

Fund Est. 2007
January 28, 1947 to February 5, 2007


Every day is a Gift
In March of 2006, Rick Stucky was diagnosed with acute leukemia.  This took his earthly life less than a year later, but Rick would never want anyone to even consider remembering him by the way he died… but rather by the way he lived.  Rick said that his biggest regret about the cancer is how it affected the rest of the family. 

Rick was a graduate of Adams Central High School and Huntington University.  He held a Masters Degree in Business Education.  He was a business teacher at Bellmont High School for nine years before going into the family furniture business ‘Stucky Furniture’ in 1978 with his father and brother. 
Rick led a richly blessed life.  He and his wife, Cathy (Gerber), were married for 38 years.  They had a son, Stacey Stucky, of Bluffton and a daughter, Julie Lehman, of Berne.  He also had eight grandchildren who looked up to their grandpa.  He was their hero.  They knew Grandpa as someone who was good-humored and fun to be with.  Rick was a special grandpa and a special person to his family, friends and associates. 
During his years of membership in the Apostolic Christian Church, Rick was an usher, a Sunday School Teacher and Church Treasurer.    His loyalty was well remembered by his fellow church members and community friends who willingly took their time to share thoughts and memories with Rick’s wife and children when he passed away. 
Rick’s position in the community was so consuming that when his illness worsened, he was featured in the local newspapers.  The community followed his progress and shared his family’s highs and lows:  the optimism of a new treatment and the discouraging news of the returning illness.  Right up to his final days, Rick knew his life in Monroe, Adams County, Indiana was to conclude, but had no fear of the next chapter in his life.  He knew where he was going, he just didn’t know when.  He said time and again during those last months, “Every Day is a Gift”, and he lived each day to its fullest, still ministering to others and enjoying the people around him.  He was a light to all who met him. 
The Rick Stucky Memorial Community Enrichment Fund was established to provide funding for Adams County residents in the form of grants to local non-profits organizations in the areas serving youth, education, and business and economic support. 
"Every Day is a Gift"