Steury, Sarah Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2006

October 16, 1978 • May 30, 1998
The true testament to the life lived by Sarah Steury was the large amount of close friends she had.  Having one best friend was not enough for Sarah - she had many.  She can best be described by her friends as being "one of a kind".  A beautiful young lady, Sarah had long golden-blond hair and a gorgeous smile.
While at Bellmont, Sarah was an honors student and active in several service-oriented organizations, extra-curricular activities, and sports.  Sarah strived to be the best she could be – not only in the sports she played, but also in her class work. 
Sarah was a student at Indiana University and had just completed her first year of classes in her pursuit to earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) when a tragic vehicle accident in Decatur ended her life in May 1998.  Sarah is survived by her parents, Linda Steury-Mitchel and Dick Steury; her brother Nick.  This scholarship was established to keep Sarah’s name alive at Bellmont High School and here in Decatur, Indiana.