Spaulding, Rachel Spaulding-Davis Comm. Enrich. Fund (Unrestricted)

Fund Est. 2002

Rachel was inspired by her parents to be earth friendly.  Disconcerted that few females pursue a degree in public and environment affairs, she was decades ahead of her time when she became interested in the support efforts for clean air, water, and land.

Rachel, a 1976 Bellmont, 1980 I.U. graduate, and recognized as a 2002 Distinguished Bellmont Graduate, was a well-respected environmental scientist, project manager, and health specialist.  One of very few women in this field, Rachel was an esteemed professional and sought after for her insightful scientific and managerial abilities.
Rachel was also an inspiration as a loyal and loving daughter, wife, mother, friend, and fitness / softball enthusiast on her company team. When visiting her parents (Dr. and Mrs. John Spaudling, Decatur, Indiana), it was a typical sight to find Rachel staying fit running / jogging or helping in her father's apple orchard. 
Sadly, Rachel’s life tragically and abruptly ended after a short but deadly battle with acute leukemia.  Rachel left her husband of eighteen years, Brent, who resides in Colorado with their seven-year-old son, John while Rachel joined their daughter Hanna and son Myles on September 17, 2000.
Those who knew Rachel know, she is busy keeping her eye on the environmental concerns from above. 
The Rachel Spaulding-Davis Community Enrichment Fund will be used to provide financial support to non-profit organizations in this community.