Saint Joseph Tuition / Education Fund (Designated)

Saint Mary’s Catholic Church /
Saint Joseph School
Tuition and Education Fund
Picture:  Fall Fest Committee:   Front Row:  Mary Murray; Abby Dyer; Nancy Baker; Anne Razo; Ann Isch; Jessica Faurote,  Back Row: Joyce Schultz; Russ Murray; Tony Isch; Chris Faurote; Jeff Brite,
Unavailable for the photo: Terry Baker; Al Downing

St. Joseph School and St. Mary Catholic Church collaborated with the establishment of this fund.  The grants generated from this fund will be used to provide tuition subsidy or reduction of tuition for students attending the St. Joseph Catholic School and/or for educational programs as determined appropriate by a designed distribution committee.  
The St. Mary's Fall Fest Committee (shown above) is the founding contributor to this fund.  The committee has discussed future fundraisers and events to further build this fund.  Anne Razo, committee representative reports, "We are grateful for the ability to establish the Fund here in Adams County at the ACCF.  The interest in this fund has been in the making for several months.  The purpose and long term goal is to subsidize the tuition and fees for each and every student attending St. Joe, and we hope for the continued support of our parish and community in our efforts to reach that goal."


Coni Mayer, director of the Foundation added, “If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this fund or would like to help it grow, please contact the ACCF.  All contributions are fully tax-deductible.  Questions can be directed to the ACCF at 724-3939.  Credits card contributions are accepted on the ACCF website: