Sailsbery, Sandy Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2004
Through her community, church, and work as an educator, the lives of countless people were touched by Sandy’s love.   
She taught at Northwest Elementary School for 19 years with 14 of them in the first grade.  Those who worked with Sandy fondly recall their friend and colleague. 
"Sandy was a special lady who lived her faith every day"  "Her teaching exuded a balance of confidence and caring that was the result of a combination of experience and love"  "She was often the first to arrive and the last to leave the building"  "Sandy was dedicated to her students"  "She wanted them to achieve, advance academically and physically, and to sow the seeds of love and kindness"
Sandy inspired, motivated, and influenced hundreds of people – from small children to adults.  Her smile and gentle manner made her a favorite teacher. Her contribution to the lives of staff and students at Northwest will always be remembered.
This Memorial Fund has been established in the ACCF by her friends at Northwest Elementary School and family as an annual reminder of Sandy’s commitment to educational pursuits.  Due to the popularity of this scholarship fund, often times multiple Sandy Sailsbery Memorial Scholarships are awarded each year.  Applications reviewed for this scholarship are:  NA graduating seniors and OnTrack Students with priority given to students who have association with Northwest Elementary School.