Rumple, James Memorial Vocational Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est 2008

(August 22, 1979 - April 13, 2008)
28 years old


James was born in Wells County to William H. & Delores J. (Weber) Rumple, but lived in Adams County most all of his life.  He had two brothers:  Paul W. (Jennifer) Rumple and Tim H. Rumple both of Decatur.


Like most students who have an interest in working with their hands, James liked vocational education classes.  He was a farm-boy who loved the outdoors and wanted to work in an occupation that had steady income and physical movement.  He enjoyed his family, life in general, and his trades-employment.  James worked for Fuhrman Electric for 10 years and had just started working for Micro Precision in Berne at the time of his death.
Memorials from the funerals of James Rumple and his father William ‘Bill’ Rumple (December 16, 1937 to November 20, 2008) established the James R. Rumple Vocational Scholarship Fund within the Adams County Community Foundation.


Scholarships generated from this fund will be awarded to an Adams County student who will attend an accredited college and plans to major in a vocational field of study.