Roehs, Benjamin Nursery Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est. 2000

Marvin and Kae Taylor, of Monroe, Indiana have three children: Joy, Susan, and Jana.  In 1982, Susan and her husband Fred, serving in the Navy, were stationed in Italy.  They had a son, Benjamin Allen Roehs, that died shortly after birth.    
This scholarship is dedicated to honor and remember him.
In loving memory of their grandson, in keeping with their spirit of giving, and as active members of the Monroe United Methodist Church, Marvin and Kae Taylor had the desire to help families who want to enroll their young children in the Monroe United Methodist Church Christian-based nursery school.  Marvin and Kae believe that if a child can be introduced to a Christian education at an early age, it sets the foundation for a good religious understanding and Christian way-of-life.