Rhoades, Alice R. Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2016
This fund was established by Ronald Rhoades in memory of two very special women in his life: his wife, Alice, and his mother, Margaret.  Both Alice and Margaret were exceptional women who graduated from college in times when it was extremely rare for women to accomplish these educational achievements.  These scholarships serve as a tribute to his mother's and his wife's dedication to family and education along with their exemplary and impressive work ethic. 
  Alice R. Rhoades Scholarship
  October 11, 1937 - February 14, 2016
  Alice Rose (Stuber) Rhoades married Ron in 1957 in Mercer County, Ohio.  She graduated
  from Jefferson High School and Ball State University with a Bachelors and Masters degree
  in Education.  She began her 39 year teaching career at Pleasant Mills School then to
  Geneva High School and South Adams High School before retiring in 1998.  Alice's love
  for education stretched far beyond the classroom.
  In 2000, she became a Board member for the ACCF and began her long and respected
    service with the ACCF Scholarship Committee.  For 15 years, Alice co-chaired the scholarship committee and reviewed approximately 3,000+ applications (36,000+ pages).
Alice's responsibility went deeper than the review of applications and meetings.  Each year, she would scour the many applications for the often overlooked students who were in particular need of assistance.  She knew some needed the extra boost whether that was funding for tuition or a 'we believe in you' pat on the back.  Over the years, many Adams County students received a scholarship because Alice took the time to go the extra mile and say "Try to find something for these kids.  They need help."  Alice truly was a person to be admired.
This scholarship is to recognize Alice for her impactful service to these past, present, and future students and community leaders.
Margaret S. Rhoades Scholarship
October 3, 1905 - July 10, 1997
Ron fondly recalls his rescue by this very special woman.  He was born in Kentucky during the depression in the 1930s.  His single mother had eight children (five boys / three girls), and they lived in a two room house along with his grandmother, grandfather, and a disabled aunt.  Times were very tough, and his seven year old sister was often the caregiver to her younger siblings.  During these difficult years, fortunate children were adopted into families that were better prepared to care for young ones.
Smiling, Ron considers himself one of those fortunate children.
At the age of five, Ron was adopted by Margaret and Thomas Rhoades.  Suddenly, Ron went from being one of eight children to being an only child.  Ron notes that Margaret also experienced a challenging upbringing.
Margaret was born in the hills of Kentucky where profound destitution often forced children to end their education at 8th grade in order to find work to help support the family.  Though very poor, Margaret's family knew the importance of education, and she was one of two in her graduating high school class.  After graduation, she traveled by train to Georgetown Teachers College with $250 from her father in her pocket to pay for her classes and all expenses for the year.  She would not return until the end of each academic school year.
Eventually, Margaret and her husband, Thomas, moved to Indiana where she taught for 39 years in the Geneva and South Adams school district.
This scholarship recognizes Margaret for her independent spirit to go off to college at a young age and will focus on two-year degree students from South Adams.