Raymond Arnold, Brittany (Scholarship NT student)

Brittany Raymond Arnold       
Memorial Scholarship Fund               
(May 17, 1985 - September 12, 2010)  
This scholarship, in memory of our daughter Brittany Raymond Arnold, has been established for a non-traditional student.
We lost Brittany in a car accident on September 12, 2010.  Brittany, herself, was a nontraditional student, a single mother of two and a full-time student at IPFW.  Brittany was compassionate, giving, and loving. By helping others in the community through this scholarship, Brittany's caring spirit will continue to live on.
Brittany lost her life when her vehicle unexpectedly left the road. She was texting.  Her vehicle hit a utility pole, sideswiped a tree and continued into a field. Had it not been for a concealed pile of rubble, rocks and cement debris, the only result would have been damage to the passenger side of the vehicle. However, this pile of rocks and cement debris caused the vehicle to turn end over end. Because Brittany was not wearing a seatbelt, likely having removed it as she approached her destination, she was ejected, resulting in her death. It is our hope that the dangers of texting and the value of seatbelts will be foremost in people's minds as they head out on the road.    
Brittany was the mother of two little ones and was attending IPFW full-time, studying secondary education. Her children were her pride and joy; she enjoyed reading and playing with them and reveled in their daily accomplishments.  Brittany's sisters so often remarked what a great mother their sister was, and her good friend stated, "I always hoped that I would be as good a mom as she was.” She provided her little ones with a strong foundation firmly rooted in love and patient teaching.  She  taught them early literacy skills which are benefitting them today as they begin their formal education.  Brittany’s love for them shall endure.    
Brittany's caring and loving spirit was also shared with friends.  She will always be remembered for her big, beautiful smile and her contagious laughter. She brought smiles to the faces of others. "She really did light up a room" states her good friend.  She had a good heart with a gift of "being extraordinarily genuine and kind," always willing to help out those in need. “She made friends with everyone who crossed her path.  As unbelievably gorgeous as she was, she was even more beautiful inside.  Her generosity, selflessness, and heart will always be an inspiration,” states another close friend.  Her special qualities and radiant smile will always be remembered.    
We believe that this scholarship would please Brittany…helping others, even just a little, and, perhaps, bringing a smile to someone's day as she did in life. So, Brittany, "Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry," we will carry your kind spirit forward.  
(Authored by family and friends of Brittany Raymond Arnold)