North Adams School Fund (Designated)

North Adams Schools (NAS) Fund
Pictured:  l-r:  North Adams Schools (NAS) Fund Committee: (standing): JoEllen Eidem, Scott Croner, Larry Isch, and Dan Hammond and (front):  Wylie Sirk, former North Adams Superintendent are shown presenting the check to establish this fund to Coni Mayer, ACCF executive director.


Wylie Sirk, North Adams Superintendent at the time this fund was established, reports, “The discussion for the fund such as this began last academic school year.  Since 2008, our community has a witnessed a growing concern for families who have experienced serious financial challenges.  As well, our schools have also noted these growing challenges when requests are made for student-centered activities.  It is the targeted effort of this fund to provide much-needed assistance and support when the families, students, and our schools are unable to afford this support.”

JoEllen Eidem added, “In this economic downturn, many programs are being reduced or eliminated.  Likewise, additional assistance may be needed for students who may not have the parental or financial support that the average student may experience.  School administrators, teachers, parents, and this community can work collectively to fill this gap.”

A grant application process has been established, and applications will be collected two times each academic year.  Funds will be distributed by the committee to serve the needs of  NA students whose education may be stymied due to lack of support.
If you would like to learn more about the NAS Fund, please call the Foundation.  A letter to better explain this fund will be emailed to you.  If you or someone you know, would like to show your support, checks can be sent to: ACCF – NAS Fund.  Credit card contributions can be accepted through the ACCF new website:    All contributions are fully tax-deductible.  Questions can be directed to the ACCF at 724-3939.