Niblick, Daniel Family Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)

Fund Est. 2002
The long, respected history of the Niblick family is recorded back to 1866 when Jesse Niblick and John Crawford became partners and purchased the landmark store which they named Niblick, Crawford and Sons.   
Eventually they relocated to the intersection of Second and Monroe Streets in Decatur.  The store later became known as Niblick’s Dry Goods, then Niblick’s Department store, and eventually, Niblick’s and Co. 

In 1930, Dan Niblick along with his son, Harold, and daughter, Mildred, operated the store and began referring to it by its shortened version: Niblick’s.  Siblings Harold and Mildred Niblick operated the store until it closed in the mid 1990s. 
In 1996, shortly after Harold’s death, the Niblick Family Foundation was established.  The Niblicks have been instrumental in providing generous funding for various local nonprofit efforts and scholarships for North Adams students.