Miller, Rosanne Memorial Scholarship Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 1999

In 1999, the Rosanne F. Miller Memorial Fund was created by Rosanne’s husband, Maurice ‘Mo’ and children as an infinite memorial to Rosanne.  She was a 21 year employee of Bellmont High School and a devoted wife and mother. 
Rosanne and Mo set their goals to help their seven children realize their dreams.  They instilled the value of a strong work ethic, importance of a healthy body, the importance to be respectful, motivated, and responsible and encouraged their children to pursue a higher education.
Rosanne is well remembered by her involvement in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, PTA, and her commitment to serve cancer research.  Rosanne participated in an Indiana University Medical Center research study enabling academic physicians to learn more about treatment for resistance cancers.  Less than ten percent of all people who have cancer have the type of liver cancer Rosanne had, and therefore, her participation in this study will provide valuable information and allow others to benefit from her contribution.

Rosanne’s family has honored her by awarding an annual scholarship to a Bellmont graduating senior.  To be eligible for this scholarship a student must meet all of the following criteria:
1.  have attended St. Joseph Catholic School AND
2.  be a Bellmont High School graduate AND
3.  intend to pursue a degree in a health-related field.
The scholarship is administered by the Adams County Community Foundation, Rosanne's husband, Mo, and their seven children: Amy, Meg, Nick, Germaine, Lucy, Alex, and Vic.