Mere, Christiana 'Tina' Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2005
Tina married her husband, Michael, in 1976, and they had two children:  Dawn and Jake.  Tina was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer which took an eye in 1983.
At the IU Medical Center, she withstood many doctors and students who studied her rare condition.  She stayed strong and never let it stop her from doing all the things that she had to get done.
Tina had a lot of interests.  She was a Sunday school teacher, a Bible school teacher, a Ladies Aid member, and a WMA member.  She was a cheerleader and motivator to her daughter who went to nursing school.  Dawn reports that her mom was the reason she made it through college.  Tina's family states that she was the ultimate friend and the perfect grandmother.  She always had time to spend with her grandkids.  She enjoyed their energy, and she loved to laugh with them.  She also influenced her grandchildren to think of others and give when they could.
The fund has been established to provide support for an OnTrack / NonTraditional student and has grown by the loved ones Tina left behind.