Macke, Dolores Dee Memorial Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est. 2003

Married on December 3, 1960, Fred and Dee Macke had four children:  Michael ‘Mike’, Michelle ‘Missy’, Matthew ‘Matt’, and Melinda ‘Mindy’. 
Dee was a very involved mother, busy with the ‘mom’ chores and volunteering at her children’s school.  Their four children have wonderful memories of their mother – her love, caring, and seemingly tireless efforts to put others first.  Dee’s life took on a new chapter when her children were raised and her nurturing skills and helping-others attitude were put to an entirely new use.  
At age 40, Dee became a college student.  Today, a 40-year-old college student is not uncommon, but in the 1980’s, Dee was surely paving the way for future nontraditional / adult students.  Dee earned her Associates degree in nursing, started part time in Medical Surgery and Obstetrics at the Adams County Memorial Hospital, then went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing from IPFW in 1990. 
In 1995, Dee was serving as an oncology and diabetic nurse and also worked in treatment and education.  She gained the respect of the patients and family members and gave them strength and hope.  She helped many people in Adams County learn to cope with their cancer and diabetes and watched many recover and / or live in remission.  Dee was a steadfast supporter of the Adams County Relay for Life.  Plans were set to have Dee as the Chairperson of the Relay for Life; however, experiencing symptoms with which she was so familiar, Dee was diagnosed with cancer, and her illness had began affecting her energy level.
Just before her 60th birthday, at Adams Memorial Hospital where she so loved working, Dee lost her battle to her illness.  Those who knew her, understand her fate was certainly to a Heavenly destination. 
For nontraditional nursing students, this scholarship will help pass along Dee’s unyielding drive to help, educate, and motivate.