Luginbill, James E. Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)

Fund Est. 2005
Three-time Mayor of Portland in Jay County, Indiana, Jim was an advocate for community foundations since serving with the Portland / Jay County Community Foundation.   One of the early members and treasurer of the Adams County Community Foundation, Jim was named a director emeritus of the Foundation in 1998.
Jim, former accountant for the Jay Garment Works, opted to take a portion of his finances and invest in two annuities with the Adams County Community Foundation.  One annuity supports the James Luginbill Community Enrichment Fund while the second annuity provides financial support to the Swiss Heritage Fund.

The James Luginbill Community Enrichment Funds have been used to provide support for organizations such as:  North Adams Community Schools (Camp Invention, summer science camp for Adams County elementary students), South Adams High School. (SAT Prep Course), Adams Central Community Schools (Textbook Rental Assistance),  Adams Wells Crisis Center, (Assisting Client Services), South Adams Elementary Title l, Geneva Branch-Adams Public Library System, (Food & Fun on a Shoestring Budget), and other projects through the county.

If you would like to learn more about how an annuity could benefit you, please call the Adams County Community Foundation for a no-obligation meeting or speak with your financial advisor.  Allowing the Foundation to be aware that you have listed the ACCF as a beneficiary of your will or estate planning will insure that your charitable intentions are followed.
Establishing a ‘pending-contract’ for your fund will help to set up the destination of your gifts in the way you want…with confidence.