Lee, Dr. H. S. & Family Healthcare Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2016
  Dr. Hyung Soo 'Terry' Lee, 74, a surgeon in Decatur for almost 40 years, passed
  away on August 7, 2014 at Adams Memorial Hospital.  After he finished medical
  school in South Korea, he came to the United States for additional training.  He
  completed his internship and residency at James Walker Memorial Hospital in
  Wilmington, NC; Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, OH and Baptist Hospital in
  Nashville, TN.  He worked in Centerville, TN for two years before moving to
  Decatur in 1973 where he practiced until his retirement in September of 2011.  He
  was truly a dedicated doctor, and he loved the people of Decatur, especially
  everyone who worked with him for many years at Adams Memorial Hospital.
  Dr. Lee was Secretary of the Adams County Medical Society; Fellow of the
  International College of Surgeons and the American Society of Abdominal
  Surgery; Member of the American Board of Surgery, the Society of
  Laparoendoscopic Surgeons, the Adams County Medical Society, Indiana State
  Medical Association and the American Medical Association.  He also was a
  member of the First Presbyterian Church in Fort Wayne.
Dr. Lee was passionate about medicine.  He cared deeply about each and every one of his patients.  He put off retirement for several years because he could not imagine leaving his patients and the hospital.  As Dr. Lee had his medical practice with the Adams Health Network (AHN) for nearly four decades and considered it his second home, Mrs. Lee wished to honor his memory by establishing this fund in the ACCF as a tribute to Dr. Lee.  Employees and family members of employees of the AHN who are working toward a degree in a healthcare field are eligible for this generous scholarship.
Dr. Lee's greatest source of pride and happiness was his family.  He was married to Antoinette (nee Kim) Lee in June 1971 in New York City.  Dr. Lee and his wife have two daughters and one son: Dr. Jeanette Lee-Jimenez, Margaret  'Gretchen' Alexandra Lee, Dr. Robert Christiaan Lee, and three grandchildren: Lina Ashlee Catherine Chung, Malia Juliette Jimenez and William Feliciano Jimenez.