Kipfer Family Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2006
In memory of:
Seth William Kipfer
Oct. 21, 1988 – April 6, 1989
Age:  6 months
Sierria Sky Kipfer
Oct. 10, 1995 – Oct. 10, 1995
At birth
Kayla Charlene Kipfer
July 12, 1990 – May 10, 2002
Age:  11 years old


This fund was established by parents, Troy and Brenda (Hess) Kipfer, siblings, Johnathan and Taylen, and their many friends and family to honor these loved ones' lives and memories.

Seth William Kipfer's earthly life ended as a result of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sierra Sky Kipfer was stillborn.  Kayla Charlene Kipfer's earthly life ended tragically on Mother’s Day weekend in 2002 in a house fire at her great-grandmother Bernice Miller’s home.
Though this fund is in memory of the three Kipfer children, it was Kayla who was able to give her family over a decade of memories to share. The family has revealed that Kayla was a beautiful young lady with a gregarious, bright smile and kind heart.  She had a dream to someday find a reason for SIDS and why it took her brother’s young life.
It was shared by family that Kayla was a little ray of sunshine from heaven if only for a short time.  It was revealed that the two songs that she loved to hear the most ‘You are my Sunshine’ and ‘God wants me for a Sunbeam’.  These were also songs that would most emulate her short life.  Her laughter and sweet song could always be heard through the home even when she was seemingly alone reading a good book.
Kayla attended the Apostolic Christian Church and Adams Central School in which she was involved in Bible School and many youth activities.  While at Adams Central, Kayla was a very active fifth grader.  She played flute in the band, sang in the 5th Dimensions Chorus, played softball for the Monroe Girls’ Softball League, participated in 4-H/Rabbit Club, and danced with the Suzy Fuelling Dance Academy since she was four years old.  The true friends Kayla had were a testament to which she was.  Many of her close friends said that Kayla lived life the way she wanted - not caring what others thought.  She made the best of every situation, and she never let her friends down.  All were equal in her eyes, and this faith in others allowed her to uncover the good in others.  She believed everyone deserved a second chance even if they treated her badly.  Kayla showed this in how she behaved towards others with kindness and compassion, which allowed her to empathize with those who were hurting.
At 11 years old, Kayla led a life that impacted all who knew her...and even those who didn’t.  Kayla’s life and faith in God was evident.  She made others feel the passion that she put forth in everything she did.  Family and friends have been inspired to record songs, write poems, and author short stories in Kayla’s memory.  Even the Adams Central School’s administration was motivated by love and respect by flying the flag at half mast in Kayla’s memory. 

Because of the impact Kayla made on others, her attitude toward life, and the activities in which she participated, two special dedications have been established to remember Kayla:  the Kayla Kipfer Mental Attitude Award and the Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship Award. 
Started in 2002, Suzy Fuelling Dance Academy has memorialized Kayla by establishing this annual memorial.  This award will recognize a young dancer who possesses a good mental attitude, joyous personality, and the good nature Kayla brought to each class.  Though very young, Kayla was always eager to learn and willing to try new things, and she always strived to do her best.  This attitude was not only observed at dance class but in all areas of Kayla’s life. 
Kayla’s joy and attitude towards life and her many activities are the guiding components for the application eligibility requirements for the Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship Award.  Kayla was very active in school and church, and she showed her love for people and for life.  She always wanted to share what she had.  It is for these reasons that the Kipfer family had the longing desire to share her memories with others.  Kayla was generous with the love she had for every one of God’s creations…bugs included.  This annual scholarship is to insure that Kayla’s joy of life and sharing attitude lives on forever.  Seniors preparing to graduate from Adams Central High School are eligible to apply for this award.