Houck, David Memorial Fund(s) (Designated)

Fund Est. 2010

What can be said about a person who was an only child, didn’t have a lot of toys growing up, loved his parents, had only a few distant relatives, did not marry, had no children, and lived in Decatur his entire life? 

…That he was a very good friend and generous to children.


David Houck did things 100%.  Friend, Becky, reports that he wanted to learn to fly so he bought a plane and got his pilot license.  He flew for 16 years and it was not unusual for David and friend, Bruce, to fly to Southern Indiana or Michigan for breakfast.  He also liked model airplanes and was a member of the model flying club and the Lazy K Flying Club and Aircraft Owners Pilots‘ Association. 

Becky and Bruce report he liked to go fishing.  He went on several fishing trips and left fishing equipment to his fishing buddies.  He also decided to learn to play the guitar and then began to collect several collector guitars.  He hand-picked his several guitars for the many friends to whom he left them.  He also identified special things for particular friends such as his automobiles, motorcycle, model airplanes, and many other distinctive items.

He loved to cook and to dissect gadgets just to see how they worked.  He liked his cars, motorcycles, and shooting sports.  He was a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), OGCA (Ohio Gun Collectors Association), Blue Creek Conservation Club, International Machinist Association, and UAW (United Auto Workers). 
After earning his four-year apprenticeship at the former CTS Corporation, he worked several years at Midwest Tool and Die and retired after a 40 year career as a toolmaker.  A 1960 graduate of Adams Central High School, David did various acts of kindness.  He donated ammunition to the Bellmont Rife Team, gave thoughtful and well considered gifts to friends, helped his elderly neighbors, and spoiled his two cats and Murphy, his dog. 

David Houck was a person who loved to help people. It was reported that he was an honest guy, good worker, loyal to his friends, and enjoyed going to new places….and he had a soft spot for kids and for people who helped kids.  This is clearly projected in the three funds he established in the ACCF:

1.  David Houck Memorial ‘Cops for Kids’ Fund
    (for shopping excursions sponsored by the local Fraternal Order of Police)

2.  David Houck Memorial ‘Make a Wish’ Fund
    (for Adams County children with terminal illnesses)

3.  David Houck Memorial ‘Toys and Teddy Bears’ Fund
    (for young patients of the Adams Memorial Hospital)

These funds will be managed by the Adams County Community Foundation with great respect and in celebrated memory of David Houck’s life.