Haubold, Helen Memorial Fund (Designated)


Helen E. Haubold Musical Arts
Endowment Fund
Helen E. Haubold,
April 25, 1910 -  January 2, 2009
98 years old of Decatur, Indiana.
She was born on Monday, April 25, 1910 in Chicago, Illinois the daughter of Otto H. Carrie (Thomas) Haubold. Helen was a member of the First United Methodist Church, Research Club and Tri-Kappa Sorority.
  Helen was a graduate of Indiana University School of Music. She retired in 1974 as a music educator with 42 years of service working for Decatur Public Schools and then North Adams Community Schools. At the time of her retirement, she was the choral director at Bellmont High School where she started the Brave Generation in 1968.  She was also a member of the Adams County Retired Teachers Association and the Indiana Retired Teachers Association.
As stated in Helen's will, the money generated from this fund are to be used by the music department of North Adams Community Schools (NACS).  The income from the Fund shall be used exclusively to provide financial assistance to the Bellmont High School Music Department and students thereof in their pursuit of courses, programs and music education opportunities conducted, sponsored and/or sanctioned by such music department
The distribution of the money generated from this fund shall be made by a three (3) person committee:
NACS Superintendent
NACS President of the Board of Trustees
NACS Principal of Bellmont High School
The Helen Haubold grants will be award with the North Adams School Fund grants two times each year:  September and March.