Hart, Chelsea K. Memorial Fund (Scholarship)



Chelsea Kay Hart 

January 12, 1995 - April 8, 2010

• Don’t ever get upset about anything.  Just let it go. 
Always smile because if you don’t you won’t have as much fun as
you’d like.  Smile like nothing is wrong.
• Don’t get into trouble. Do the right thing. People are going to be watching you. When you get into bad things, it affects everybody around you.
• God has to be your #1.  He’s watching and makes your life worth it. Trust me, it is!
• Don’t make any one your every thing.  Leave it at that.


Is this advice given to a child for his first day attending school?  Are these rules written by a 20-something year old for a college composition class?  A letter from an experienced woman as advice to her granddaughter on her wedding day?  No, these are astonishingly mature words of wisdom from a young woman.  These were life’s lessons as written by 15-year-old, Chelsea Kay Hart in her journal found by her dad. 

Chelsea is remembered for her smile and her “duck” laugh.  She was a stranger to no one - always outgoing.  She was truly loved by family and friends. She was the kind of daughter, sister, and friend every person should strive to become.  Clearly, she lived a charmed life...only it was all too short.

April 6, 2010:  On the day of the accident, Chelsea and her friend joined other friends at a neighboring home.  Then they decided to ride the neighbor’s ATV.  That’s the moment the whole world changed for those dear to Chelsea.  The day went from a normal, cheerful and a good, wholesome, fun day to a day when time seemingly stopped and it became tragic, heartbreaking, and life-altering. 

The ATV accident involved three with two sustaining minor injuries.  Chelsea was rushed to the hospital where parents Bill and Karen and brothers, Jon and Ben, waited for updates on her condition.  Although her physical injuries would eventually heal after two surgeries, sadly, her head injury was too severe.  Chelsea was always giving to others - it was decided that she would be an organ donor. 

April 8, 2010:  As Chelsea experienced her life’s lessons by making God her #1, she was in a position to confidently start her new beginnings.  Her generous gift as an organ-donor to three individuals allowed other families to also have new beginnings. 

Bill, Karen, Jon, and Ben intend to honor Chelsea every year with a scholarship awarded to a student who most exemplifies their daughter’s insightful advice and lifestyle.  Students graduating from Heritage High School who complete the eligibility requirements will be considered for the Chelsea Kay Hart Scholarship. 

Details of the Chelsea Kay Hart Scholarship are:

Eligibility requirements (in brief):

  • Heritage High School graduating high school senior (and)
  • Has completed the application process (and)
  • Has written an essay using prompts from the ACCF (and)
  • Student plans to attend an accredited college or university in the coming fall

A Chelsea Kay Hart application ready for submission has the following components:

(1) Completed two page application
(2) Completed responses to the assigned essay questions / topics
(3) One letter of recommendation
(4) Student’s seven-semester transcript
All applications must comply with the due date (first Thursday in February by 4:00 pm). 
Applications may be mailed to: Adams County Community Foundation, 102 N. 2nd St., Decatur, IN 46733 or emailed to:  accfoundation@earthlink.net.  Please call to confirm receipt of application. 
Please note:  It is the student’s obligation to meet these requirements.  Please do not rely on the postal or the electronic service.  Double check your application’s location after mailing to insure ACCF delivery.

Announcement of scholar:  The scholarship announcement will be at the Heritage high school senior’s breakfast sponsored by the Heritage High School.