Girod, Rick Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2006
August 16, 1985 to July 4, 2005
Rick was a 2004 graduate of Bellmont High School.  He was a student leader for Campus Life and was a key player for his AAU basketball team.  He was also a member of the golf team during his freshman and sophomore years, and played football all four years as a defensive end and tailback.  After graduating from high school, Rick was an IPFW student majoring in Architectural Engineering.  He loved designing unique homes and was on the path of becoming a successful architect. 
Rick’s earthly life ended tragically on Monday, July 4, 2005 – just six weeks shy of his 20th birthday.  He was on his way to church, something he rarely missed, when he was involved in a car accident.  Though he died the next day, Rick’s impact on the lives around him did not stop with his death.

A young man who believed firmly that God gives eternal life through his son Jesus Christ, Rick made an almost instantaneous impact in lives of many strangers who will never know him nor get to share their immense gratitude.  Rick was an organ donor – so even in death his caring, giving way lives on.  Numerous people had their lives inexplicably altered by that decision.  Though Rick's hopes and dreams ended that day, his faith, spirit, courage and character is alive and well.  As an organ donor Rick’s contribution to countless families offers hope and dreams to these people and their families…each and every day.  In addition to hope and dreams, he provided hearing, sight, and life.

Rick’s girlfriend of three years, Abbey Foster, said, "Rick had his priorities straight.  Nothing meant more to Rick than his mom, dad, and family. No matter how busy he was, he always found time for the things that mattered most in his life."

This fund was established by Rick’s parents, Ed and Sandy Girod, family, and friends as an annual public reminder of the love they have for Rick and in hope that their loving son will never be forgotten.