Fosdick, Matthew Memorial Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)

October 20, 1956 • January 18, 2005
Matthew Fosdick was a man determined to help others have an easier life.  His mother, Lucille Mullins, along with siblings, children, and friends said that Matthew was a good, kind, and loving person who was easy to get along with.

He loved to help people, and he put his talent with tools to use doing just that.  While living in Fort Wayne, he was a favorite of the personnel at the ‘Second Chance Home for Women & Children’.  Matt was often there doing volunteer work.  A victim of alcohol addiction himself, Matt was especially compassionate, sympathetic, and even empathetic to people who had life-struggles with addictions, were victims of domestic abuse, or had emotional, financial, or spiritual setbacks.
Sadly, while still ‘young’, Matthew Fosdick, died after a sudden illness.  He was a former resident of Adams County and worked in the maintenance department of the Strick Corporation in Monroe for over 20 years.
This fund was created by Matt’s family (Donna, Corey, and Chelsea) in honor of their loved one who so loved helping others in spite of his own difficulties.  Their intentions are to provide support to Adams County residents who experience similar struggles.