Fleming, Allen Family Fund (Donor-Advised)

Fund Est. 2000

Al Fleming established this family donor-advised fund with a generous and extraordinary flare…he donated his Formula T41 watercraft.  The actual selling price established this fund with $130,000.00. The interest earned on this fund will be distributed by his children:  Greg, Nancy (Covell), and Candace (Williamson).

Al Fleming long remembers the comments made by his former high school principal, "You’ll never get beyond digging ditches."  In a way, that principal was correct, as Al’s business, from which he is now retired and his son operates, is the very successful and productive Fleming Excavating, Inc.    
Years later, the same principal was known to say, "I predicted all you would do is dig ditches – I had no idea you would be the president of the company and OWN all the equipment that dug ditches, built bridges, and constructed roads."
Hard work paid-off for Mr. Fleming and in his free time, he now enjoys floating the Mississippi River and other large bodies of water in his new T-45 Cruiser-Formula Boat.