Dierkes, Fern Memorial Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2001

In the early 1930s, when Mrs. Dierkes was a recent high school graduate, she struggled with the decision of whether to go to college or directly into the workforce.
She knew that she had the motivation, desire, and intelligence to be a nurse, but her concern was how to pay for the cost of college.  Years ago, there was not the option of low-interest college loans, Pell grants, or scholarships.

Mrs. Dierkes recalls the generous financial support from a family friend who saw that she was destined to be a successful professional.  With the financial backing of the family friend, she completed her degree.
Mrs. Dierkes wanted to return the favor to a student who has the ability to major in the healthcare field but lacks financial support.  From this very generous act of kindness grew the Fern M. Dierkes Nursing Scholarship for NA Students.
This scholarship is awarded each year to a North Adams student planning to pursue a degree in nursing.