DeVoss, Elizabeth Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)

Fund Est. 2002
Liz made a significant impact in many people’s lives in Adams County, Indiana, but the average person would never know this as she worked with a special group of people who tried to keep their abuse confidential and lives private, as reported by Dan and Bette Ross, founders of the Elizabeth DeVoss Community Enrichment Fund.
Elizabeth DeVoss, born in San Francisco, CA., to Dr. Russell and Evelyn (Groves) Staines, was married nearly 35 years to Jay DeVoss, a well-known Decatur attorney.  Together, they had four children:  Jennifer, John, Matthew, and Brian.  Battling cancer for seven years, Mrs. DeVoss drifted into history with honor and grace in January 2001.
Though gone, many friends and family still remember Liz and draw on her strength.  She was a tireless fighter for crime victims.  By mere circumstance, the majority of Liz’s victims were women and children.  She worked in defense of the victims of abuse, molestation, and domestic situations.
Mrs. Elizabeth DeVoss will long be remembered as an advocate and mentor for abuse victims.  The establishment of the Elizabeth DeVoss Community Enrichment Fund will insure that her mission will be sustained For Ever.