Daniels, Jim Memorial Fund (Scholarship)


Fund Est. 2006

Jim Daniels
April 12, 1959 to July 17, 1999
Few people have ever heard of the disease "hemochromatosis’, and until 1999 neither had the family of Jim Daniels.  Yet it was that very disease which caused Jim’s death.  With hemochromatosis, the body stores too much iron, allowing it to build up in organs and tissues where it can do severe and permanent damage – even death – if not caught in time and treated.

Jim started working in his dad’s shop at 13 and was still working there – as Director of Product Development, when he passed away 27 years later.  After graduating from Bellmont in 1977, Jim married Pam Christianer on September 10, 1983.  In 1989, they had a son, Dustin, who graduated from Bellmont High School in 2008.  Like his father, Dustin plays golf. 
Each year, the Jim Daniels Memorial Golf Tournament raises money for a series of purposes.  Jim’s family wants to be sure Jim and his love of golf is not forgotten, but in addition, because of their unfortunate experience with the disease, they are doing their best to spread the word about hemochromatosis, its diagnosis, and treatment.  Because of Jim’s deep love of the game of golf, this component is the guiding requirement of a scholarship that was established to annually remember Jim Daniels.