Boch, John & Kay Fund (Scholarship & Grants)

   Fund Est. 1995

   John, Decatur retired postmaster, and Kay, owner of the popular ‘Kiddie Shop’ on Second Street
   across from the Decatur Daily Democrat offices, were leaders of philanthropic giving in Adams
   County, Indiana. 
   Establishing a supporting organization in the Adams County Community Foundation in 1996,
   this fund has provided stability to the Foundation.  Growing the fund to over $4,000,000 nephew
   Robert Boch oversees the investment and the distribution of the grants and scholarships.
   A portion of the interest generated from this fund is awarded to non-profit organizations (see
   'grants') to benefit the youth and residents of Adams County.  These funds are distributed by
   the all-volunteer ACCFoundation Grants Committee and approved by the Board of Directors of
   the Foundation and the executor of John and Kay Boch, Inc., Robert Boch.  Applications for this grant are available through the ACCF office or this website. 
The Foundation has four granting seasons. The due dates are:  the second Thursdays in January (Winter), April (Spring), July (Summer), and October (Fall).
Furthermore, a portion of the interest generated from this fund is awarded for scholarships (ACCF Fall, Educational Publication) to benefit the youth, OnTrack and NonTraditional Students / residents of Adams County, Indiana.


For more information about this scholarship please contact the ACCF (260) 724-3939.