Basham, Michael Basham Community Enrichment Fund (Unrestricted)


Michael J. Basham

(March 25, 1959 - April 25, 2010)

Michael J. Basham was born in Decatur in 1959 to James C. and Ellen K. Basham.  He lived in Adams County his entire life, except when he attended Purdue University. 

Growing up he was blessed with outstanding athletic abilities, playing Little League at Hanna Nuttman Park, Pony League at Worthman Field and football and basketball at many different venues.  As he got older he acquired a tremendous appreciation for nature, enjoying walking and biking the trails of Adams County.  He loved gardening, growing beautiful flowers and landscaping his home.  He assisted others at the community garden by helping stake out plots and tilling plots for other gardeners.


Mike and his wife Cathy have twin girls, Jamie and Jessica.  They were just 18 years old when Mike died, having just finished their freshman year of college.   He was a very proud and devoted father.  He loved his family with an unfeigned passion,.  They have many fond memories of wonderful vacations spent camping throughout Indiana and Michigan.  Mike left his girls the legacy of an appreciation and respect for nature and its beauty.

Mike died unexpectedly at the age of 51 from a bicycle accident that resulted in a skull fracture with a brain hemorrhage, an injury that could have been prevented by wearing a bicycles helmet.  The family’s prayer is that, upon hearing this information, people will become more cognizant of the importance of wearing helmets when biking.  Since Mike loved helping others he would be pleased to know that his story might help someone else avert such a tragedy.