Barkley-Pettibone Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2006
The families of Floyd Barkley and Lorena, Lester and Daniel Pettibone are excited to offer a scholarship fund in the Adams Central and North Adams School Districts.  Mr. Floyd Barkley and Mrs. Lorena (Myers) Pettibone both served as teachers in Indiana One-Room School Houses and have passed on their legacy to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Dan Pettibone was a student-athlete at both Decatur High School and Bellmont High School.  It is a privilege to be able to give back in remembrance of these individuals who have left a legacy for their families and friends.   Floyd Barkley was the grandfather of Mrs. Carol Pettibone, elementary school counselor at Northwest Elementary School in the North Adams School District.  Mr. Barkley was born in 1880 and passed in 1969.  Floyd attended Valparaiso University in 1900. Mr. Barkley taught in several one-room school houses from 1900 to 1940 in the South Bend and Lakeville , Indiana, areas.  He served as the principal of Lakeville School beginning in 1915 until 1940.  Mr. Floyd Barkley left a legacy of learning.
Mrs. Lorena Myers Pettibone and Mr. LC Pettibone are the grandparents of Mike Pettibone, Adams Central superintendent.  Lorena was born in 1897 in Portland and passed in 1976.  Lorena attended Ball State Teacher’s College.  She taught school in the Portland area until 1926.  Lorena was the oldest of ten children, five girls and five boys.  All five of the girls became teachers and two of the boys joined the teaching profession.  LC was born in 1896 and passed in 1974.  LC served as the Superintendent of the City Light Department from 1943 to 1967.  They were great role models for their family.
Dan Pettibone was a three sport athlete at Decatur and Bellmont High Schools.  He played four years of varsity football, wrestled and played baseball.  Dan was the Gilbert Award recipient in 1969.  Dan was a true supporter of Decatur athletics and academics.
It is with honor that the present grandchildren of Floyd Barkley and Lorena and Lester Pettibone, and the brothers and sisters of Dan Pettibone can sustain their memory with a scholarship to the communities these people dedicated their lives and loved.