Barger, Phil & Carolyn Fund (Donor-Advised)


Fund Est. 2000
Philip Barger
September 17, 1940 - April 19, 2009
Phil and Carolyn have been Adams County supporters all their lives.  Lifetime residents of Adams County, Phil was a retired businessman of the well-known Gerber’s grocery stores in Decatur while Carolyn helped with the business when and where necessary.
Phil and Carolyn are parents of three children, all who live in Adams County:  Mike, Michelle, and Ted.  All of their eight grandchildren attend or graduated from Adams Central schools.
Knowing the importance of helping each other whenever and however possible, some may give of their time while others give talent and treasury.  Phil and Carolyn have been busy doing all three.
Phil was a very active member of the ACCFoundation Board (retired 2003) and a former ACCFoundation Grants Committee member, a  former Board member of the John and Kay Boch Supporting Organization in the Foundation, and on the Board of the Decatur Bank and Trust. 
Likewise, Carolyn has been an active board member for the Adams / Jay / Wells County Youth for Christ, Adams County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and volunteers regularly at the Golden Meadows Retirement Center.  Both Carolyn is and Phil was active members of their church and other numerous civic activities.
Clearly, Phil and Carolyn have supported the Adams County area and its residents.  Currently, a portion of the interest earned on this fund is distributed annually by Carolyn.  When she is no longer able to distribute this funding, the children will award the gift.