Allmandinger, William & Coleen Scholarship Fund (Scholarship)

Fund Est. 2016
William Allmandinger, age 84
July 25, 1930 - January 2, 2015
This scholarship was established by Coleen Allmandinger, on behalf of her late husband, William Allmandinger, herself, and three sons:  Lee, Kent, and Jon.
William and Coleen were married December 24, 1951 in between William's U.S. Army basic training and subsequent deployment to Korea.  Coleen reports they spent their first anniversary on two different continents.
This scholarship's intent is to encourage, support, and promote the potential of dedicated traditional or non-traditional students through higher education.  In addition, it seeks to help sustain a student's core standards of hard work, ethical decisions, community service, and person persistence for individual growth, responsibility, and achievement.  Scholars are encouraged to apply their education for broader community thinking and improvement.