Adams Public Library Systems (G) / Geneva Book Fund (Designated)


Fund Est. 2008

Shown:  Rose Bryan, Adams Public Library Systems /APLS Geneva branch manager, Kelly Ehinger, APLS / Director and APLS Board members: G. Medford Smith and Andrew Briggs are shown with the check which establishes the APLS / Geneva Book Fund.

The fund generates grants each year for the purchase of new books at the Geneva branch of the APLS.  The following life-long library patrons and avid readers allowed this fund to be established:  Letti Buhler and Betty Seffernick. 

Letti Buhler, who lived in Jefferson Township and in her later years moved to Geneva, and Betty Seffernick, who was also a faithful Geneva Library supporter, member, and avid reader.  Though both of these library supporters have passed away, their support of the library continues.

If you have questions regarding this Adams Public Library Systems (APLS)-Geneva Book Fund located in Geneva, Indiana
please call the main branch (Decatur) at (260) 724-2605 or the Geneva Branch at (260) 368-7270.