2016 Adams Central Senior Awards

The 2016 Adams Central High School Senior Awards Program was held on Monday, May 19, 2016 at 7 pm at Adams Central High School.  Nearly 40 awards totaling over $26,500 were presented by the ACCF.

Awards marked with a (*) indicate 1st time awards.


*ACCF / Miller Land Survey / MLS Engineering Scholarship

  Miller Land Survey / MLS is managed by Brett Miller, a 1992 graduate of Adams

  Central. Though the Miller Land Surveying / MLS has been awarding scholarships
  for several years, it recently established this fund in the ACCF so an award will be
  presented annually. Brett notes that this scholarship is his way of ‘giving-back’ to a
  community that has served him and his family well.

  Students planning to pursue a degree in an area of engineering are eligible for this



This is the first year that this scholarship has been awarded.

The 2016 Miller Land Surveying / MLS Engineering recipient is: Ean Degitz

Pictured (L-R): Brett Miller, Ean Degitz


* ACCF / Optimist Club Scholarship

The Optimist International is a worldwide volunteer organization made up of

more than 2,500 local clubs whose members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves. This scholarship will be presented annually to North Adams and Adams Central students that plan to earn a two-year degree and enter the workforce using this education and training. Certification programs are also eligible.

This is the first year that this scholarship has been awarded.

The 2016 Adams Central Optimist Club Scholarship recipient is: Chad Biberstine

Pictured: Chad Biberstine  

ACCF / Anonymous / Business Scholarship

  With the support of our local community and local businesses, this scholarship

  shows support to Adams Central students as they prepare for their future
  endeavors in the business world. The community leaders and businesses who
  have made this scholarship possible wish to remain anonymous.


The 2016 Anonymous / Business scholarship recipients are: Thaddeus Grubaugh, Vivyan Lloyd, Hannah Myers, Graham Troxel, and Brice Vanhorn

Pictured (L-R): ACCF Board Member Louise Ray, Thaddeus Grubaugh, Vivyan Lloyd, Hannah Myers, Graham Troxel, Brice Vanhorn


ACCF / Anonymous Contributor Scholarship

As a result of individual fundraising and the support of our local community, these Adams Central students are shown support for their future endeavors. These students have chosen to attend local colleges and stay in our community as they pursue their degrees. The community leaders who have made this scholarship possible wish to remain anonymous.

The 2016 Anonymous Scholarship recipients are: Makayla Free, Morgann Ross, Kaela Sharp, and Luke Voirol

Pictured (L-R): Makayla Free, Kaela Sharp, Luke Voirol

Unavailable: Morgann Ross


ACCF / Dixie Harvey-Arven Scholarship

  In 2000, Logansport resident Dean Arven contacted the Foundation to have a

  scholarship established to honor the memory of his wife to whom he was married
  59 years. As Mrs. Arven became more and more ill, her wish was that a fund be
  set up to provide assistance to a deserving, graduating student from her home
  county that attends either Adams Central or North Adams.

  Students must show proof of association with a military member in order to be

 considered for this scholarship.


The 2016 Dixie Harvey-Arven Scholarship recipient is: Jenna Wittwer

Pictured (L-R): Gary Harvey (Dixie’s brother), Jenna Wittwer


ACCF / Barkley-Pettibone Memorial Scholarship

The Barkley/Pettibone Scholarship is awarded in honor of Carol Pettibone's grandfather, Mr. Barkley, who was a long time educator, and the Pettibone family: Lorena Pettibone who taught in a one room school house, LC Pettibone who served as the superintendent of the Decatur City Power Plant, and their brother Dan.

From a long line of athletes, Dan was a varsity running back for Decatur High School and the first running back for the Bellmont Braves in the fall of 1967. In 1969, Dan received All-State Honorable Mention and was awarded the Gilbert Award. Each year a Barkley-Pettibone scholarship is awarded to an AC senior and a Bellmont senior. The eligibility requirements for this scholarship are that the student is a notable athlete.

The Adams Central 2016 Barkley-Pettibone Scholars are: Ean Degitz and Rileigh Wolpert

Pictured (L-R): Gary Pettibone, Mike Pettibone, Carol Pettibone, Ean Degitz, Rileigh Wolpert


ACCF / Decatur Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship

  In 2005, the Decatur Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship was established in the

  Foundation to recognize a student who shows an involvement in community
  service and has association with an employee of a community service-related
  occupation such as Fire Department, Police Department, Emergency / EMS
  Department.  Scholars must show proof of this association in order to be
  considered for this scholarship.  If there are two equally qualified students, the tie
  breaker is the students' attendance.
   The 2016 Decatur Volunteer Fire Dept. Scholarship recipient is: Chase Lose

Pictured (L-R): Fire Chief Les Marckel, Chase Lose


ACCF / Don and Mary Dick Family Scholarship

Don Dick was a graduate of Adams Central High School while Mary graduated from Rockford High School in Ohio. They met as teenagers in Decatur, Indiana, and after they were married, they lived first in Pleasant Mills before moving to a 100-year-old farmhouse on a 90-acre farm in St. Mary’s Township near Pleasant Mills.

Don and Mary had six children and were no strangers to hard work. Don worked at International Harvester and was a part time farmer while Mary cared for their family. Although neither attended college, all six of their children pursued higher education after graduating from Adams Central. Mary often said her childhood wish was to be a teacher when she grew up, so it is no surprise that three of her children did just that.

This scholarship is presented by their six children in memory of Don and to honor Mary.

The 2016 Don and Mary Dick Family Scholarship recipient is: Samuel Steiner

Pictured (L-R): Samuel Steiner


ACCF / K. Ehrman Vocational Scholarship

  Karl Robert Ehrman was a lifelong resident of Adams County with family ties in

  Wells County. A humble, quiet man, he was a retired farmer and an accomplished
  musician. He played the French horn, coronet, organ, and accordion.  Through
  his generosity and commitment to both counties, he established an endowment
  fund with the Wells County Community Foundation. As part of the terms of the
  fund, a percentage of the annual distribution is for vocational grants to each of
  the six high schools in Adams and Wells Counties.
Recipients are selected for having demonstrated an interest in a particular vocational area with plans to enter an accredited postsecondary vocational training program.

The Adams Central 2016 K. Robert Ehrman Vocational Scholarship recipients are: Chad Biberstine, Noah Brite, Klarissa Hedington, Andrew Jackson, and Moriah Ochsner

Pictured (L-R): Chad Biberstine, Noah Brite, Klarissa Hedington, Andrew Jackson, Moriah Ochsner


ACCF / Trooper Cory Elson Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2001 after State Trooper Cory Elson tragically lost his life in Decatur in April 2000 while in the line of duty. To be eligible for this award, a student must write an essay on the topic of ‘What is Community Service’.

The 2016 Trooper Cory Elson Scholarship recipient is: Carley Myers

Pictured (L-R): Carley Myers


ACCF / John Geimer Memorial Scholarship

  In 2003, Virginia Geimer contacted the Foundation with the desire to establish an

  endowed fund in the Foundation in memory of her son who died while still quite
  young. John Geimer was a 1966 graduate of Adams Central who was active in
  band, cross country, and Youth for Christ. John was a pilot in Vietnam and,
  following his duty in action, was a pilot-trainer living in Georgia. Always a fan of
  fast cars, he was with a friend who was driving his new corvette when a fatal
  car-crash took his life.


  Students who are involved in or have plans to major in Music, Communications,
  Political Science, U.S History, Agri-business or ministry are eligible for this

The 2016 John Geimer Memorial Scholarship recipient is: Justin VanOver

Pictured: Justin VanOver


ACCF / Katelyn Gilbert Memorial Scholarship

Katelyn Ann Gilbert was born May 10th, 2010 at the Ohio State University Medical Center. From birth, she faced a tough challenge known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This condition results in the undevelopment of the left side of the heart and would necessitate three heart surgeries by the age of two.

Katelyn underwent her first surgery at just four days old and was determined to fight the circumstances. She was a very strong-willed individual who taught numerous people the value of life, love, and happiness. She was a beautiful baby with a full head of dark curls. During her short six-week stay here on earth, she touched the hearts of countless people. She is now in heaven with her complete heart.

The 2016 Katelyn Gilbert Memorial Scholarship recipient is: Ariel Eyanson

Pictured (L-R): Doug Gilbert, Allison Gilbert, Addison Gilbert, Katrina Gilbert, Ariel Eyanson


ACCF / Adams County Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship

  Established in 1998, the Adams County Memorial Hospital Fund was transferred

  into the ACCF when there was a very lucrative $1 for $1 match sponsored by Lilly
  Endowment. This fund was initially established so that one scholarship would be
  awarded to a student from each school in Adams County on a rotation. With the
  Foundation’s prudent investments and the growth of this fund, there are now
  multiple scholarships awarded to students from each of the three schools.

The Adams Central 2016 Hospital Auxiliary scholarship recipients are: Taylor Clark and Abbigail Hurst

Pictured (L-R): Taylor Clark, Abbigail Hurst


ACCF / Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship

In 2006, Brenda and Troy Kipfer wanted to memorialize their daughter Kayla and her siblings: Sierria (who died at birth) and Seth (who died of SIDs at 6 months old). In May 2002, Kayla, age 11, died in a tragic house fire. Though all of the Kipfer-family children are recognized through this award, it is Kayla who is especially remembered with this scholarship.

Students who have been involved in 4-H, band, sports, and / or are a member of one of the local dance academies are eligible for this scholarship.

The 2016 Kipfer Family Memorial Scholarship recipient is: Kayla Stucky

Pictured (L-R): Troy Kipfer, Brenda Kipfer, Kayla Stucky


ACCF / Knights of Columbus Scholarship

  In service to one. In service to all. From a group of struggling pioneers in the early

  1840’s when the priest came on horseback and the Bishop resided in Vincennes,
  St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Decatur and the Knights of Columbus Msgr. J.J.
  Seitmetz Council #864 has grown to over 1,300 households and 4,000 individuals.

  The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal benefit society that was
  formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and
  assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families.
  Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief work.

The 2016 Knights of Columbus Scholarship recipient is: Joel Mailloux

Pictured (L-R): Knights of Columbus member Travis Spannan, Joel Mailloux


ACCF / Lilly Finalist Scholarship

This year the ACCF invited a total of five students from all three county high schools to participate in the ACCF / Lilly Endowment Scholarship interview process. These students were interviewed by the ACCF Scholarship Committee with the main 2016 Lilly Scholarship being awarded to a South Adams student. All five students impressively represented their family, school, and themselves.

The exceptional students / Lilly Finalists from Adams Central are: Jennifer Baumer and Calvin Isch

Pictured: Jennifer Baumer, Calvin Isch


ACCF / Meshberger Brothers - LICA Scholarship

  Established in 1998, the Meshberger Brothers Scholarship was established in the

  Foundation when there was a match program sponsored by Lilly Endowment. This
  fund was initially established so that one scholarship would be awarded to one
  student from each school in Adams County. With the Foundation’s investments, the
  growth of this fund, and the generous additional contributions made by the
  Meshberger Corporation, the fund has grown large enough to award multiple
  scholarships to seniors in each school district.

  Scholars must show proof of association with an employee of the Meshberger /

  LICA company or plan to majoring in engineering.


The Adams Central 2016 Meshberger Scholarship recipients are: Ean Degitz and Jacob McAfee

Pictured: Ean Degitz

Unavailable: Jacob McAfee


ACCF / Bryan Miller Memorial Scholarship

Time gets away from us. Not so long ago, Bryan was finishing his drivers training classes in happy anticipation of getting his driver’s license. He would have graduated from Bellmont in 2008.

However, in July 2004, our community began to see ‘Pray for Bryan’ signs. Bryan was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor, and countless trips to Indianapolis and Chicago were made in an aggressive effort to combat the tumor. Sadly, in January 2006 Bryan lost his battle against cancer.

The Bryan Miller Memorial Scholarship was established to recognize students like Bryan who excel academically and show confidence in his or her faith. In 2016, this award is presented to one AC senior and two Bellmont seniors.

The Adams Central 2016 Bryan Miller Memorial Scholarship award recipient is: Kara Keller

Pictured (L-R): Bryan’s parents Adam and Susan Miller, Kara Keller


ACCF / Nut Tree Reading Scholarship

  Fiction, Nonfiction, Travel, Suspense, Education, Biographies, Autobiographies,

  Humor. Whatever the genre, books allow us to go on trips, take a mental vacation,
  change our mood, make us laugh, make us cry, and even teach us about other
  countries, cultures, and people. Our reading experiences may impact our life in
  ways that are slight or immense and help us form educational and personal goals.

  As a result, this scholarship was established to recognize the importance of

  reading and to encourage each scholar to pass along this love of reading.

The Adams Central 2016 Nut Tree Reading Scholarship recipient is: Rileigh Wolpert

Pictured: Rileigh Wolpert


ACCF / James Rumple Memorial Vocational Scholarship

James was born in Wells County to Bill & Delores Rumple, but lived in Adams County most of his life. He had two brothers: Paul and Tim Rumple.

James loved working with his hands and enjoyed vocational education classes. He was a farm-boy who loved the outdoors and wanted to work in an occupation that had steady income and physical movement. He enjoyed his family, life in general, and his trades-employment working for Fuhrman Electric. Therefore, students working in the trades field are eligible for this award.


The 2016 James Rumple Memorial Scholarship recipients are: Chad Biberstine and Noah Brite

Pictured (L-R): Chad Biberstine, Noah Brite


ACCF / Liz Souder Memorial Scholarship

  During her six years of teaching at Adams Central, Mrs. Souder touched and

  impacted many young lives. In 2007, Liz went in for a seemingly ordinary
  out-patient procedure. However, the outcome was anything but ordinary as Liz
  died as a result of complications. Parents, Neal and Sue Keller, wanted to leave a
  legacy of Liz’s efforts to encourage and educate the next generation. They
  established this fund in the Adams County Community Foundation to insure an AC
  student going into education or journalism will be recognized each year with a ‘Liz'
  Souder Memorial Scholarship.

  The 2016 Liz Souder Memorial Scholarship recipient is: Justin VanOver


Pictured: Justin VanOver


ACCF / Kelly J. Zeser Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in memory of Kelly J. Zeser who passed away

on June 7, 2012 at the age of 46 after struggling with an illness for one year. Kelly will be remembered for many things, in particular her drawing and creative skills. With this in mind, Kelly’s parents, Judith and Tom, twin sister, Kim and brother, Jim, have decided to award a creative arts scholarship to an outstanding student that shows interest in pursuing a major in the area of Kelly’s talents.

The 2016 Kelly J. Zeser Memorial Scholarship recipient is: Klarissa Hedington

Pictured (L-R): Tom Zeser, Judith Zeser, Kim Zeser, Klarissa Hedington


The following Adams Central Scholarship Foundation (ACSF) and community awards were also presented at the Adams Central senior awards program.


ACSF / Adams Central Scholarship Foundation


ACSF / Adams Central School Board Scholarship


ACSF / First Bank of Berne Scholarship


ACSF / Earl & Alta May Caston Memorial Scholarship



ACSF / Meyer Building, LLC

ACSF / Monroe Lions Club Scholarship


ACSF / Don & Louise Ray Scholarship


ACSF / David & Maxine Ringger Scholarship



 ACSF / C. W. R. Schwartz Founders Scholarship

ACSF / Rowena & Glen Stucky Scholarship



ACSF / Paul & Betty Zurcher Scholarship

Adams Memorial Hospital – Health Occupation Education Scholarship


Tri Kappa Scholarship